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People's Artist, prominent composer Nariman Mammadov's 90th anniversary was celebrated

Nakhchivan State Musical Drama Theater named after Jalil Mammadguluzade hosted an event dedicated to the 90th anniversary of prominent composer Nariman Mammadov, People's Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic, on December 19.

Natavan Gadimova, the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic said that Nariman Mammadov, People's Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic is one of the most prominent figures of Nakhchivan music culture. He was born on December 28, 1928 in Nakhchivan. He got his first musical education in Nakhchivan, graduated from Baku Musical Technical School named after Asaf Zeynalli, and composed his first "Suite" in these years. The suite was performed for the first time by the instrumental orchestra performed by prominent composer and conductor Said Rustamov.

It is noted that Nariman Mammadov, who successfully graduated from the Azerbaijan State Conservatory, is the author of 7 symphonies, several suites, "Azerbaijan" oratorios and three cantatas, musical comedies, as well as "Humay" and "Sheikh Sanan" ballets.

It was stressed that song and romance genres played an important role in the activities of Nariman Mammadov. More than 700 songs of the famous composer, who glorified the ancient Nakhchivan in his works, are in the repertoires of prominent singers. Those songs are being sung fondly today.

It was noted that Nariman Mammadov composed for more than 10 performances performed at the Nakhchivan State Musical Drama Theater named after Jalil Mammadguluzade and "Gunesh", "Yarimchig shekil", "Mahabbat abidasi", "Haray sesi", "Eger sevirsense" and others. He was honored with honorary titles of Honored Art Worker of the Azerbaijan Republic and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, People's Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic. Presidential pensioner Nariman Mammadov died on April 6, 2015 in Baku and was buried in the Honorary alley II.

The activities of the outstanding composer were widely studied by musicians, monographs were written, and numerous articles were published in the press.

It was noted that the music of Nariman Mammadov, a tireless propagandist and researcher of our music, will continue to play an important role in people's aesthetic and spiritual upbringing by beauty and the feeling of confidence for future in the hearts of them. The services of the prominent composer in the development of our national music will always be remembered and lived in hearts.

Honored Art Worker Yashar Khalilov, the Chairman of the Composers' Union of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, said in his speech on "Nariman Mammadov's life and activities" that the composer participated in final exams in Nakhchivan Musical Technical School for a long time and was closely involved with the work of the Composers' Union of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, shared his thoughts with composers and musicians, and gave valuable advice. His high responsibility to art, selflessness will always be an example for us. The beautiful and valuable works and dear memories of the composer will always live in our hearts.

Professor Tofig Bakikhanov, People's Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic, with the Order of "Glory", spoke about memories of his friend Nariman Mammadov. The prominent composer thanked the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, saying that such jubilees are a vivid sign of great concerns and attention to music and artists in the ancient land.

In the artistic part of the event the composer's works was performed by the Nakhchivan State Song and Dance Ensemble and the Folk Instruments Orchestra. Samir Asgarov was the conductor of the Folk Instruments Orchestra. Khatira Safarova, Garibe Hasanova, Honored artists of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and others performed the composer's songs "Azerbaijan", "Darikhmisham", "Seven Urek", "Yar soz desin", "Uzma amandir", "Sasini eshidiram man", "Ulduzun olaydim".

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Date: 27-01-2021
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