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Nakhchivan State Children's Theater is making new achievements

Different measures are carried out in the field of revealing the creative potential of talented children and young people, to direct them correctly in the autonomous republic, new facilities are created and put into usage. One of them is Nakhchivan State Children’s Theatre.

The director of the theatrte, the Honored artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan Tofig Seyidov informed us about the history of Nakhchivan State Children’s Theatre, its activity, the work it does. He said that the theatre was established by the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated October 4, 2006 and it is already more than 10 years that the theatre enriches and develops the outlook of little theatre lovers. During these years the theatre has staged nearly 30 performances and met the audience.  In choosing scenes, preference is given to patriotism, statehood, love to the mother. “This world is a tale”, “Goodness is never forgotten”, “Farid’s dream”, “Bravery ordeal”, “Forest story”, “Two brothers”, “Love to the father” and other performances are shown as example. “Speaking doll” by Abdulla Shaig was staged in interlude genre in 2016. The producers of the performance were Tofig Seyidov and Nurbaniz Niftaliyeva. At present, repertoire selection is preferred to educational works.

Nakhchivan State Children’s Theatre serves to prepare actor cadres as well. So, some amateur actors who started their creative activity here confirmed themselves in this art over time and are now working with Nakhchivan State Musical Drama Theater’s professional actors. We can name Sayyad Mammadov, Vali Babayev, Ughur Nasirli, Mehri Nabiyeva. Elnur Rzayev acted in this theatre is a producer at Azerbaijan State Pantomime Theatre.

During its early years the theatre involved the talented children such as Gadir Mammadli, Turaj Hajizadeh, Nurlan Sultanli. These children were the members of the collective till they were 18. The actors of the theatres are the students of the secondary schools, colleges and universities. Speaking about it Tofig Seyidov said: -We visit educational institutions and talk to children, encourage them in this area. Interested children apply to us. At the next stage, we test their abilities. The talented children who apply are primarily involved in smaller roles. Though some of them later end their relationship with the theater, those who have talent and enthusiasm for theatre work hard and gain success in a short time. I would like to name Heyran Abdullayeva, Nurlan Gafarov, Fatima Badalova. I hope that these talented young people will have successful future.

After the lessons are over, the children come here with enthusiasm. The trainings last several hours. Along with the young artists, professional actors such as the Honored artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan Khalil Huseynov, Bahruz Hagverdiyev, the Honored artist of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Shirzad Abutalibov perform in the performances. The performances are usually shown at Heydar Aliyev Children-Youth Creative Center.

Tofig Seyidov also said that the collective of Nakhchivan State Children's Theater takes an active part in the mass events held in the autonomous republic, in Novruz and New Year festivities, perform the performances "Frost and False Grandpa", "Coming of Spring Girl to Festivity". In summer and winter holidays, 5-6 days a week meets the pupils of secondary schools at the hall of Heydar Aliyev Children and Youth Creativity Center with a special program. The goal is to spend their leisure time efficiently on holidays.

As you know, the 10th anniversary of the theater was celebrated in 2016. The actors of the theater also successfully participated in the jubilee event. They performed on the performance of the famous French writer Antuan de Sent Exupery's "Little Prince" allegorical fairy tale. The performance is based on real-life episodes between fantasy, allegory and reality, made up of the prince's travel to seven small planets. The sincere attitude of the distinguished writer to the people, understanding and kindness are the main leitmotives of the work. Nurbeniz Niftaliyeva and Rahman Abbasov played the little princes in the performance. Young actors were able to cope with their roles. The producers of the performance are Honored artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan Tofig Seyidov and Nurbaniz Niftaliyeva, the painters are Behruz Guliyev and Habib Allahverdiyev. The dances were arranged by Nurbaniz Niftaliyeva and Humay Gafarova. The music designer of the performance is also Nurbaniz Niftaliyeva. As to the director, the biggest success of the theater is the "Blue Bird" performance by the poet-playwright, Nobel laureate Maurice Maeterlinck which was prepared together with Nakhchivan State Musical Drama Theater named after Jalil Mammadguluzadeh. The young actors of the theater, Joshgun Aliyev, Nurgul Muslumova, Heyran Abdullayeva and others performed items, elements and children's characters.

We take part in the training process of actors in the hall. They are preparing Jalil Mammadguluzadeh’s “Tea set” allegorical drama. The producer of the performance is Alakbar Gasimov, the scene designer is Fizze Gulieva. The purpose of staging this work is to appeal to Mirza Jalil's creativity and to convey some useful tips to the younger generation by the means of the items.

In the first days of the new year, the theater delighted the audience with the performance "We need rabbits and Santa Claus". This show, which was shown for several days, was met with interest by children.

One of the talented actors of the Nakhchivan State Children's Theater Heyran Abdullayeva, says her mother was the first person to experience her talent. That is why she took her to this theatre. There is no doubt that she had the desire to enter the collective. First, Heyran performed small roles in the performances. The first character that Heyran played was Fara (pullet) in “Ignorance cock” by Hasanali Eyvazov. This 16-year-old actor, from time to time, mastering the stage culture, plays more important images. She was able to play a leading role in the performance of "Blue Bird" and consider it to be one of her greatest achievements.

"This art is not so difficult after having interest and talent. If you want to be a good actor, you have to work. Taking into account that it is possible to achieve all the goals after the hard work, it is possible to achieve everything” says Heyran.

They are too young. They have long years and extensive opportunities for creativity. We believe that the voice of teenagers who started their art at this theater will be heard in great stages in the future.

Good luck!

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Date: 11-12-2018
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