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The book “Fables” was discussed

On January 9, discussion of the book “Fables” (children’s literature) included the list of “Books that are necessary to read” was held.

The director of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Library named after M.S.Ordubadi Aytakin Gahramanova opened the event. The collaborator of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Library named after M.S.Ordubadi Sudaba Heydarova made a speech on the topic “The educative importance of fables”, the chief librarian of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Library named after M.S.Ordubadi Leyla Ganbarova on the topic “Fables”-Children’s literature” and the librarian of the secondary school No.7 Tukaz Aliyeva on the topic “The role of reading in the education of students”.

It was noted that fables are the ancient genres in folklore. Fable is one of the ancient genres in epic poetry. Fables are small in size but expresses deeper meaning.

The main feature of a fable is having critical and satirical content. Poets reflect the deficiencies, defects of people in the images of different tools, plants and animals. Natural objects and animals are personalized- speak as a human in a fable. A fable has moral-educative and admonishing character. Usually, at the end of the fable, the author expresses his opinion in the form of small advice. A fable is usually written in poetry form. There are fables written in prose in the world literature. The mistake of these authors is that a fable is written solely in the form of poetry. In order to justify their ideas, their scientific considerations they say that we come across the first examples of fable in our literature in the poem "The storehouse of mysteries" by N. Ganjavi. A.Bakikhanov, G.Zakir, S.A.Shirvani also wrote in fable genre. Writers should consider that a fable within the folklore is created with an epic type of prose. The above-mentioned poets took the fables from the folklore. We can boldly note that the scope of the fables written by poets was diminished, it shunned the people's sayings and was given in a personal subject. There is the seal of the time in the fables included the book. Here, separate animals, plants, and other living things are identified as human beings and in their examples, the mischief-makers in society show themselves through various actions and negotiations. Here animals are personalized so: a fox as  cheat, a bear as foolish, a wolf as naive, a jackal as trouble-maker, a  camel, ahorse as wise and so on. Detailed information was given about the fables written in the book. The fables were recited by the students.

At the end of the event the students’ questions were answered and the exhibition “Books that are necessary to read” was viewed. 

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Date: 11-12-2018
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