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The event titled "The Role of Youth in the Promotion of Tourism Potential of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic"

An event titled "The Role of Youth in the Promotion of Tourism Potential of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic" was held at Aghbulag Recreation Center organized by the Tourism Department and the Youth Foundation of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Speaking at the event, the Executive Director of the Youth Foundation Anar Babayev said that important projects are being implemented annually by state agencies, youth organizations and public associations in the field of effective leisure of young people. Among the mentioned events implementation of "Summer School", summer camps and joint projects with the young are the main ones.

It was noted that different projects implemented by the Youth Foundation with the organizations related to the promotion of the tourism potential of the autonomous republic over the past period are of great importance in terms of propagating the tourism opportunities of the autonomous republic.


The foundation of Agbulag Skiing Center was laid

Agbulag village of Shahbuz region has extensive tourism potential. Favorable natural-geographical conditions allow the development of many types of tourism here. A complex work is being carried out to develop rural and mountain-ski tourism in Agbulag in accordance with “The State Program on Tourism Development in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 2018-2022”, approved by the Order of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated 31 January 2018.

On July 17, foundation of Agbulag ski center was laid in the village. The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov reviewed the project of the center.

It was informed that the mountain ski slopes with a total length of 1500 meters and a width of 30 meters, cable car, ski school, entertainment and children's parks, artificial snow making systems will be established in the center. The main infrastructure of the center is cable car. The altitude difference between the start and end stop of the   cable car will be 267 meters which is 952 meters in length. There will be 58 seats in the cable car, each with 4 seats, which will serve more than 1,000 people per hour. 231-meter conveyor lines will be created in entertainment and children's parks, as well as in the starting area. 26 fixed and 2 moveable artificial snow making systems will be installed to ensure the required snow cover. Also conditions will be created for recreation of tourists in the area, service areas will be put into operation.


Nakhchivan-Garabaghlar tourism route

The tourism resources and excellent infrastructure which enable us to make tour programs for each tourist group traveling to Nakhchivan offer favorable condition for organizing interesting and unique tourism routes from Nakhchivan city to Sharur, Kangarli, Shahbuz, Julfa and Ordubad. Nakhchivan-Garabaghlar tourism route like Nakhchivan-Batabat, Nakhchivan-Ashabi-Kahf, Nakhchivan-Ordubad, Nakhchivan-Alinja and others used by local people and foreign tourists attracts their attention.

Nakhchivan-Garabaghlar tourism route is one of the routes that used year-round due to its geological location, climatic conditions and resources. Tourists can move from Nakhchivan to Garabaghlar and back starting from Nakhchivan city either through Givrag settlement, Yurdchu, Garabaghlar or Tazakand and Chalkhangala. The tour may last from several hours to the day-long, it depends on the number of tourist and the motive of the tour. At present, tourist can travel about 40 kilometers from Nakhchivan to Garabaghlar village by car or minibuses within an hour. Comfortable and safe road conditions are one of the most important factors of modern tourism. In addition, tourists have access to modern shopping and catering facilities and 4G mobile internet services during the tour. Tourist may also observe contemporary living conditions in the region and the socio-cultural infrastructure that create conditions for developing living standards of the population.


Rural tourism is the most profitable type of meaningful recreation

Many people wish to rest in villages to spend meaningful spare time  in hot summer days. Now, there are people who spend much money to travel far countries besides to rest in the villages situated at one-two hours' distance. In this sense, rural tourism which has gained popularity in developed countries increases interest in Azerbaijan including Nakhchivan.  The rich natural tourism resources and renovated infrastructure are the main factors creating conditions for this.

No doubt that cool weather of remote mountainous villages is the real tourism motive for city residents in hot summer days. Actually, there is natural coolness in the mountainous villages while air conditioners work in the city day and night. One who spends interesting time while drinking cold water in the villages, resting in the shadows of green gardens, looks forward to come this place again. This time not alone but his family and friends.


Excursion of the students to the "Garabaghlar Tomb Complex" organized

On July 10, the students of "Nakhchivan" University went on an excursion to Garabaghlar Tomb Complex in Kangarli region organized by the Tourism Department of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Firstly, director of Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center Gulnara Sadigova noted that state care for historical monuments in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic offered wide opportunities for the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage. In the last 22 years about 70 historical and cultural monuments in the autonomous republic have been overhauled and repaired, more than 1,200 world, national and local importance monuments have been registered. In accordance with the  Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic "On the Restoration and Investigation of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex" dated July 4, 2016, the Garabaghlar Tomb Complex, one of the unique examples of Turkic-Islamic culture in Garabaghlar village of Kangarli region was restored on scientific and historical basis.

It was noted that the purpose of the excursion was to introduce the historical places of the autonomous republic to the young and to increase their activeness in introducing the autonomous republic by sharing photos taken during the excursions by young people in different social networks.


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