The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

Azerbaijan enables tourists to

come to our country.

Heydar Aliyev






First of all tourists who travel to any country in the history of this country, living style, reflecting the artefacts are interested in religious affiliation. Hence, tourism and cultural heritage of any country, serves as a tool for the promotion of religious monuments. Therefore, the historical, cultural and religious monuments in the world, but also influencing the development of tourism, the country is attractive to tourists is considered one of the main factors. Autonomous Republic is rich in religious shrines. There are about 140 of the sanctuary. So here facilities various religious shrines, imamzades travels these facilities are there, and people of faith. The most important of these is the holy Koran, "Al-Kahf" "Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary" mentioned in Surah. "Ashabi-Kahf" religious-cultural monument complex has all the conditions for visitors to visit. Every year, tens of thousands of people coming to visit here. 

 In addition, the tomb of Prophet Noah's grave is one of the tourist destinations most visited shrines and hearths districts that are available, including both local citizens and foreign tourists can visit whenever they want to go. As an example, in the village of Nakhchivan region Tenenem sacred place-Suleyman pilgrimage, Kengerli Garabaghlar village of Asni pilgrimage, in the village of Julfa region Almammad Jamaldin pilgrimage and others.


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Date: 26-02-2024
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