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Nakhchivan is one of the oldest cultural centers of the world. The rich historical, scientific, and cultural heritage of Azerbaijani people has formed in this land.

The toponym "Nakhchivan", which is one of the oldest land names, is thought to be linked to "the world storm" which is about prophet Noah. According to this estimation, consisting of three parts - Nakh (Noah), "ch" suffix which is used to make nouns in Turkic languages, and "van" toponimic format which means location, the word "Nakhchivan" means "Nukhchuvan" (the land of Noah's supporters) or "The land of Noah". 

Material culture samples found during archaeological excavations, the famous Gamigaya rock drawings, and other monuments prove that Nakhchivan is the city of more than 5 thousand years. Nakhchivan has contributed to the history of Azerbaijani statehood notably. The great statehood traditions were founded in this place. "Nakhchivan kingdom" of the X century and Azerbaijani Atabey state of XII century were formed in Nakhchivan. Moreover, "Nakhchivan khanate" of XVIII-XIX centuries and Araz-turk Republic, which was declared in the XX century, also had existed in this land. In 1918, the city of Nakhchivan was the capital of Araz-Turk Republic which had the population of more than 1 million. The autonomy of Nakhchivan is also one of the most valuable resources formed in this historical land of Azerbaijan.

Nakhchivan was named as the Soviet Socialist Republic of Nakhchivan since March, 1921, Nakhchivan land,  from June 16, 1923, Nakhchivan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic from February 9, 1924, and finally, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on November 17, 1990. The historical fate of Nakhchivan was reflected in 2 important international documents signed in 1921 - in Moscow and Kars treaties. These contracts approved the territory of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, and this area has been found to the right of immunity.

For its existence, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is indebted to national leader Heydar Aliyev's political activity and his living and working during 1990-93. With the persistent requests and wish of Nakhchivan people Heydar Aliyev took the responsibility of the Chairman position of Nakhchivan Supreme Majlis in the extraordinary session of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, held on September 3, 1991.

With the decision of the 1st session of the Supreme Soviet of Nakhchivan ASSR, conducted on November 17, 1990, the words "Soviet" and "Socialist" were removed from the name of the autonomous republic, the name of the Supreme Soviet was changed and denominated as the Supreme Majlis, and the tricolor flag of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted in 1918 was adopted as the flag of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The Supreme Majlis enterprised legally for Azerbaijan Republic also took the same step.

In 1998, a new Constitution was adopted in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Nakhchivan has shared the historical fate of Azerbaijan as an integral part of it in all historical periods, and it continues to do so. The separation of Nakhchivan from other Azerbaijani lands as a result of Armenian occupation and the siege of autonomous republic by armenians for more than 20 years made it face with great difficulties. However, the long term of hard blockade conditions failed to break the will of Nakhchivan people, even it made them become more steadfast. Because of the decisive measures taken in Nakhchivan, Armenians could not implement their occupation policy as they did in Nagorno Karabagh.

Today Nakhchivan is an ancient Azerbaijani territory and Turkic land which is developing dynamically.

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Date: 20-06-2024
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