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The schoolchildren from Nakhchivan got acquainted with the Heydar Aliyev Center

Naxçıvan məktəbliləri Heydər Əliyev Mərkəzi ilə tanış olublarIn the next stage of educative tour -campaign “Let’s discover our country”, the students of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic got acquainted with the Heydar Aliyev Center on March 17.

The students were informed about the building of the Heydar Aliyev Center which is one of the unique architectural masterpieces of the world architecture. It was mentioned that the activity of the center focuses on deep study and research of the national leader Heydar Aliyev's philosophy of statehood, the ideology of Azerbaijanism and the rich heritage of the Great Leader. In addition, the Center's projects serve to popularize and promote the history, language, culture and other national values of Azerbaijan in the international arena, support and development of science, education, culture, health, sports, ecology and various sectors of the economy.

The Heydar Aliyev Museum in the center interested the students much. In the sections "Life reflected in photographs", "Socio-political life of Azerbaijan", "Statehood, heritage and achievements", various aspects of the activity concept of the Great Leader in both the Soviet period and during the years of independence are presented in virtual form.


Nakhchivan State Children’s Theatre showed a performance in Ordubad region

On March 16, Nakhchivan State Children’s Theatre presented “We need a rabbit and a forest-guard” allegoric comedy for children at Ordubad Region Culture House.

The performance which the author is the Honored artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the director of the theatre Tofig Seyidov reminds an anecdote. A bear was told which seeks a job, a rabbit is working in bear’s work. They can only give him the job of the rabbit.  As the bear needs this job he agrees but he wants to prove that he is the real bear. As in the document of the bear it is written a rabbit, he is complaining to prove this. Those who come after each other to look at the documents of the bear that sent the complaint letters, mentioned that he is a rabbit grounding on the documents. As in the rabbit’s documents it is written a bear, they try to explain the baselessness of the bear’s complaint but the bear does not agree with it.

While the main conflict in the play begins here, the events become more interesting. This joyful and meaningful performance with little actors playing with a sense of humor is met with interest.


The acquaintance with the historical monuments and magnificent nature of Ordubad and Julfa regions made great impressions on schoolchildren

On March 16 - the second day of the tour-campaign held under the slogan "Let's discover our country", Baku pupils got acquainted with historical monuments and cultural institutions located in Ordubad and Julfa regions of the autonomous republic.

The pupils first came to the secondary school No.3 in Ordubad. The tour participants were broadly informed about the school. It was noted that there were 45 classrooms, 5 of them had electronic boards, in this school for 774 pupils. There are about 14.000 books in the school library. There are 57 computers for pupils.

The schoolchildren who visited the Ordubad Region History-Ethnography Museum were informed that the museum was located in the XII century monument - "Geysariyya". "Geysariyya" is one of the rare monuments in the world. There are such buildings in three parts of the world - Samargand, Tabriz and Ordubad.

The capital's schoolchildren were acquainted with the house-museums of famous pedagogue Mahammad Taghi Sidgi, Mammad Said Ordubadi, the founder of historical novels in Azerbaijani prose, academician Yusif Mammadaliyev in Ordubad.


The article about Nakhchivan was published on the official website of Kyrgyzstan

Nakhchivan's election as the capital of Islamic Culture this year has increased the interest of Islamic countries to our land. Articles about Nakhchivan are regularly published in world press.

The next article was published on the official website of Kyrgyzstan's   agency.

The article mentions the opening of the official website of Nakhchivan Islamic Culture - 2018. It was noted that the official website of Nakhchivan Islamic Culture – 2018   prepared in Azerbaijan and English languages consists of 8 main sections and 27 sub-sections.

The article mentions that the Nakhchivan city was elected the capital of Islamic Culture for 2018 by a decision taken at the 6th Conference of Culture Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation held in Baku in October 2009.


The acquaintance with Nakhchivan city made a great impression on schoolchildren from Baku

On March 15, in the frame of educative tour-campaign “Let us discover our country”, 162 schoolchildren from Khatai, Sabail, Yasamal, Nasimi, Binagadi and Garadagh regions of Baku came to Nakhchivan with 18 guide-teachers.

First, the schoolchildren visited the monument of the national leader Heydar Aliyev erected in the main square of the city.

Then the students came the Museum of Heydar Aliyev and got acquainted with exhibits here. It was informed that the museum contains more than 4600 exhibits reflecting the life and activity of the national leader. The museum was established on the basis of the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated February 18, 1999 and began to operate on May 10, 1999.

There are stands of Heydar Aliyev's childhood and youth, personal documents and materials, signed letters, decisions, and orders of the period when he was the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (1991-1993), copies of the agreements signed in cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey, appeals of citizens living in different regions of Azerbaijan. Magazines, albums and books reflecting the life and activity of national leader Heydar Aliyev are saved in the library of museum.


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