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Geographical location, area, and population

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (Nakhchivan AR) is an autonomous state within Azerbaijan Republic. It borders on Armenia, Turkey, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. NAR is located on the Silk Way. The total area of ​​the autonomous republic is 5.5 square kilometers, and the population is about 461 thousand people (01.01.2021). 


Nakhchivan, the ancient land of Azerbaijan, is one of the places of civilization in the world. The Azerbaijani people have created an old and rich culture in this land. At the same time, Nakhchivan is one of the ancient cultural centers in the world. The rich historical, scientific and cultural heritage of the Azerbaijan people has formed in this land. The systematized written sources, the archaeological materials discovered in the area of Nakhchivan, the famous Gamigaya petrography, and other monuments in the territory prove that the age of Nakhchivan is around 5 thousand years. 


The climate of Nakhchivan is sharp continental. As it is located in subtropical and temperate climate zones,  its climate is different. The absolute minimum temperature is -310C while the absolute maximum temperature is +440C. The annual precipitation is 200-300mm. 


From the beginning of May till the end of September, people wear light summer clothes, and in winter - from the early December until the end of March, people mostly wear coats, raincoats and jackets. 


The official language is the Azerbaijan language. Besides it, a large number of population understand Turkish, Russian, and English languages.


Tourists are allowed to take pictures and videos;however, before taking a picture of a stranger in the street, you have to ask for permission at first as a symbol of deference. 

Working hours

As a rule, Saturday and Sunday are considered to be weekends (it applies especially to state institutions), but most of shops and supermarkets are daily opened. The workday starts at 8.00-9.00, trade objects close at 21.00 - 23.00, restaurants and bars work at night.


The national currency is manat (AZN). Banks and a large number of exchange points exchange any currency. As a rule, when paying for goods and services, the dollar and other currencies are not accepted; payment must be made only in the national currency - manat. The Banks serve clients from 9.00 in the morning till 17.30 (excluding lunch break).

Large stores, shops, hotels, and banks equipped with POS- terminals accept non-cash payments using credit cards.

Communication. Telephone connection. Mobile operator. Internet

Telephone communication is carried out without any technical problems. All the hotels have an international code of communication, as well as additional means of communication, such as fax, telex, computers, Internet, and so on. There are also installed payphones in the city. Tokens can be purchased in nearby kiosks. International country code is +994. Code of Nakhchivan is 036. For calling Azerbaijani number you need to dial +994 (city code) (the number of called party). There are 4 mobile network operators: Azercell (050), Bakcell (055), and Nar Mobile (070-077), Naxtel 4G (060).

Internet develops very rapidly. There are a large number of Internet cafes in the city. In these cafes, visitors are provided with all the conditions for the use of the Internet.


The media of Nakhchivan are represented by newspapers "Gates of the  East" and "Land of Noah", TV channels "NTV" and "Channel 35", and radio stations "Voice of Nakhchivan" and “Public radio”.


Water coming through the system of water supply is safe. However, in restaurants and public places, natural healing mineral springs of Nakhchivan, such as Sirab, Badamli, Boyrek, and Chyngylly are served in glass and plastic bottles. These water types can be purchased at any store of the city.


Public transport is mostly represented by numerous buses and private taxis. At any time, you can take public transport that can take you anywhere in the city. In most city taxis, taximeters are installed so that it is possible to know the payment with the help of them.

Medical Services

Emergency medical care, as a rule, is free. Medical clinics and service pharmacies are also operate in the city. Most pharmacies operate without a lunch break .


Order in the city controlled by the local police. Many disputes can be solved without  breaking the law. Passport is recommended to have with you all the time, as it greatly simplifies the relationships with the police.


Service numbers

101              Fire Service

102              Police

103              Ambulance

104              Gas Emergency Service

109              Information Office


Religious holidays


Eid al - Adha ( Feast of Sacrifice


National holidays

New Year - January 1-2

International Women's Day - March 8

Novruz Holiday - March 20-24

Victory Day - May 9

Republic Day - May 28

National Independence Day - June 15

Armed Forces Day - June 26

Independence Day -18 October

National Flag Day - November 9

Constitution Day - November 12

National Revival Day - November 17

Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis - 31 December


Mourning days

National day of Mourning - January 20

Khojaly tragedy - February 26

Genocide of Azerbaijanis - March 31


When to go

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic can be visited in all seasons of the year. Because each season of Nakhchivan has its  unique colors and features. 

Spring – with its flourishing nature, torrential rivers, and fresh air, spring is very attractive in Nakhchivan. The celebration of Novruz (a holiday of spring on March 21) in spring makes it much more attractive. The symbol of arrival of spring – Novruz will make the guests have a good time with its several old holiday traditions and events. 







The summer – for many reasons summer is attractive here. The Batabat woods, Pazmari waterfalls, the Village Nurgut, Bichenek are especially beautiful in this season. Visitors receive unforgettable impression of vacation spots in the woods and the foothills which are located on the coast of  lakes Batabat, Vaykhir, Gilanchay, Paragachay from walks outdoors and picnics. There are healing termal and mineral water resources in  Nakhchivan AR. One of them is daridagh arsenic water located in Julfa. Having bath in this water in summer treats several diseases. Another character of summer is the abundance of fruits and vegetables. Fruit types as cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, pear, and plum, watermelon, and melon have unique tastes.




Fall – is very beautiful in Nakhchivan. In the season of gree has harmony with yellow and golden colors, the nature of city especially looks beautiful. For fans of cool weather and rainy autumn days, Nakhchivan will create romantic mood in this season.







The winter – Nakhchivan seems especially fantastic in winter. Nakhchivan will be unforgettable place for winter funs. Especially you derive pleasure from warm national dishes and hot tea from a samovar in warm rooms at a fireplace of vacation spots and restaurants. We recommend ordering such dishes as khash (early in the morning), dyushbere, khashil and other farinaceous dishes eating in winter.







Getting there

Transport is one of the most important issues when you plan to go somewhere. So... And how to reach Nakhchivan?!

You can come to Nakhchivan by planes and buses. Nakhchivan International Airport is one of the biggest and modern airports of the country. There are Baki-Nakhchivan, Nakhchivan-Ganja-Istanbul, Nakhchivan-Moscow flights.

Look at this: 

3 customs checkpoints operate in the autonomous republic. Two of them (Julfa and Shahtakhti) are located on the border with Iran Islamic Republic  and the third one (Sederek) is located on the border with the Republic of Turkey.

Public transport is provided by buses and taxis. You can use these vehicles services at any time of the day.

Domestic transport

Internal roads in Nakhchivan city are covered with asphalt. There is no difficulty for the movement of automobiles. Roads are equipped with road signs and light. Passeges are built in 2 parts of the city where there is a crowd.

 Buses and taxis serve as  local transports in Nakhchivan city. The new buses were brought to the city line, width and soft seats are designed for movement of passengers comfortably.

1,2,3,4,5,6 (access to the city) numbered buses provide people's arrival to all places of the city.  0.30 AZN fare for one person is determined.

Taxis can be found all over the city of Nakhchivan of service. Depending on the distance of the road in the city, the price of the taxi service is set between 1 – 5 AZN .



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