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Iranian guests visited the Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary and Duzdag

Delegation led by the Executive Director of the Maku Free Trade and Industry Zone of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Gulamrza Suleymani, visited the "Ashabi-Kahf Sanctuary" Religious and Cultural Monument Complex and the Duzdag Physiotherapy Center on February 28.

Guests were informed about the mysterious history of the Ashabi-Kahf and talked about the activities of the Duzdag Physiotherapy Center.

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Huseyn Hamzali, Deputy of Executive Director of the Maku Free Trade and Industry Zone of Iran's Islamic Republic of Iran for Culture and Tourism, said in an interview with the "Sharg gapisi": "We are glad to see developments in all areas - economy, tourism, culture, sports and others in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, an integral part of Azerbaijan.


During the visit to the autonomous republic, we observe opportunities for cooperation in many areas".

The guest underlined that discussions were held at high level meetings in this direction. I hope that our relations will soon be expanded in all spheres, and mutually beneficial cooperation will serve the well-being of both peoples.

Huseyn Hamzali said: "Because of an ancient history of Nakhchivan, there is a great perspective for the development of tourism here. Nakhchivan has many historical monuments, beautiful nature, and the necessary infrastructure for the development of this sphere has been established".

He noted that the Duzdag Physiotherapy Center in Nakhchivan is a second to none place in the world. It is great that people at the center are able to receive natural treatments without using any medicines. "During the acquaintance with Duzdag, we witnessed a high level of conditions," - said Huseyn Hamzali, adding that they were hospitably welcomed during two days in Nakhchivan.


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Date: 09-07-2020
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