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Peter Tase, Journalist researcher from US: Patriotism is the main factor of contemporary development of Nakhchivan

The 7th Global Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations was organized and held by UN in Baku last week. Peter Tase, a political analyst and an   journalist  researcher from the United States, who participated at the forum visited  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  and  got acquainted with the sightseeing, historical monuments and educational institutions. An American journalist was invited to our editorial office and shared his impressions:

- You  have been in Nakhchivan for three days. What are  your impressions?

- This is my second visit to Nakhchivan. I have visited Nakhchivan in the fall of 2014, then  as a member of the humanitarian forum.  This time thanks to God’s will, I had  received an invitation to your beautiful country for the second time  and again I came to Nakhchivan. After my first visit to Nakhchivan I have witnessed many changes.  I want to start   with the work done for passenger at the Nakhchivan International Airport.  The works done in order to increase the potential of the port service shows that Nakhchivan has the capacity to meet hundreds of guests every day. It is very important for an emerging country, because now the whole world's attention is on Nakhchivan.

    - What did you see during your visit which was noteworthy?

- Though there is 12-hour time difference between the US and Azerbaijan, I don’t feel  tired. I feel comfortable in Nakhchivan. Firstly, we were in Ordubad. The city, its structure, mosques and other historical monuments, Ordubad plane trees (chinars) made a deep impression on me. I like your national meals. To me, Nakhchivan cuisine is irreplaceable. We saw a lot of interesting things in Ordubad. The town is a museum from beginning to the end. To my opinion, Ordubad should be enlisted into the UNESCO World Heritage List. I’m going to publish some articles connected to this matter in  the world's leading media publications. My main interest is  historical monuments and archaeological cultural patterns. The impression that I gained in Ordubad  will be the main motive for some of my writings.

- What information do the  historical monuments  in Nakhchivan tell  you?

- Patriotism! You know, every person loves his country. However, it is better to perform it in actions, but not in words. The reconstructed Gulistan tomb  was shown to me. It's a sample of heroism. Indeed, once Azerbaijanis died for the sake of  their lands, they  protected  and mounted   monuments on it, and this tradition is continuing today as well. These monuments don’t belong only to Azerbaijan. They should be preserved for future generations as the material and cultural heritage of the whole mankind, I was surprised by the attention paid to historical monuments in Nakhichevan. In this regard, the works done by Mr. Vasif Talibov, the head of Nakhchivan have the global importance.

- Have you visited Alinjagala?

- On back way from Ordubad in spite of the  rainy weather,  we could go up to the castle. That was  a great moment in my life. Once I do not think I will be able to feel the same feeling ever again. The defenders of the castle demonstrated  great heroism during 14 years to protect the castle from occupiers. People have written the  history. This history is still being written.  I mean restoration, historical  restoration of  Alinjagala.  Yes, this is a historic opportunity. According to the information given to me, the restoration work has continued here for more than 2 years. The restoration of this magnificent castle is not only   a great part of the modern history of  Azerbaijan, but also an illustration of the perfect leadership and patriotism engendered. There is also the psychological aspect of this work. On the stones and steps along with the  heroism of the defenders of the fortress, the patience and determination of the Nakhchivan chairman are clearly read. These works are  very important for the benefit of Nakhchivan and the whole country. Modern world accepts  all these things as the universal work. I believe that in the nearest future, all these works will be assessed at the international level.

- While talking in the yard of the  editorial office you have noticed the modernity of  schools, universities and production enterprises in Nakhchivan. It seems that  educational  and production institutions have left deep impressions on you.

- Do you know, I know many countries with the centuries-old history of independence. For example, there are some villages and even small towns in the countries of the South American continent, which haven’t got a single school. Today there are  hundreds of newly built schools, colleges and university buildings in Nakhchivan , which could be constructed only by  people who really think about future of the country and the nation. I was extremely surprised whenever I  learned that  there are  online classes  between the museums and schools. None of the developed countries in the world do  this  job for free. It is a real sample of patriotism. I want to touch upon  the historical monuments again. For example, as you know, the ancient Inca culture in Peru has  rich prints of past. However, I would like them to come to  Nakhchivan and to see how  the historical monuments should be saved. All these were carried out under the conditions of blockade and in spite of difficulties of living in  such condition. I think if there was  not  Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, this beautiful land and whole country could gain the higher levels of  development. I got acquainted with Nakhchivan State University and "Nakhchivan" University  campus and met  the students. Such a modern campus can be compared only with those which are located in the capitals of the European countries. I have observed the encourage of the students while speaking to them. Heretofore, I have visited Nakhchivan Business Center. Speaking about the Nakhchivan products demonstrated there, I can say that it can be the result of the astronomical development  which could be fantastically  fitted in two decades.  If Badamli  spring water is already sold in Arabic  countries, this is a real miracle. Manufactures  of stone products in Nakhchivan surprised me by their  modernity. Believe me, if the marble importing countries of the world were  aware  of Nakhchivan marble, they would not get  Italian marble any more. Because the products are not only  cheap, but also very qualitative. Another fact is even more exciting.  I was told that there are already  8  power  stations in Nakhchivan. It is really exiting. Let's compare, in a big country as Brazil totally  7 electric power plants were built since 1984. However, since 1995, 7 electric  power plants have been  established in Nakhchivan, one of which is solar plant. It is a fact, though it  is surprising.The fact is that Nakhchivan people  were  able to realize it. We are very pleased with the success of our friends.

- Now you are going to leave Nakhchivan. We hope that you have a lot of impressions  to  share with  friends in the United States.

Yes,  visiting  Nakhchivan, in general, participating in the forum held in Baku I got acquainted with your country closely. It was a historic event for me. I  also got acquainted with you and  newspaper staff. It is a new beginning for me. I leave your  country  with very  deep and positive impressions. The copies of “Sharg gapisi” newspaper where my articles were published  at various times were also the best gift for me. I wish you all the success in the further development and preservation of this beautiful land.

- Thank you for the interview.

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Date: 28-11-2021
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