The nature of Azerbaijan and all

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Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center


According to the decree signed by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on May 15, 2006, Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center was incorporated in the structure of  the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. It has been subordinated to the Tourism Department of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic by the Decision No. 177 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated October 26, 2018. The center has 5 (five) staff units.

It continues to function in the building of Zaviya madrasa -  a historical and architectural monument of XVII-XVIII centuries - which was reconstructed on July 5, 2012. 

Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center has several duties: to participate in the preparation of the electronic version of unified data collection of tourism resources of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  - tourism data bank (TIBK); to form the  tourism database of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and submit it to the Department; to construct the tourism databank server technically; to provide its operating and updating constantly and efficiently, and maintaining it to meet the current requirements; to create business relationships with other tourist information centers; to provide the applicants of the Center with free information (about hotels, restaurants, museums, shopping centers, rent homes, historical and cultural monuments, tour companies, guides, and etc.), the usage of Internet, and  the advertisement-information materials.

Preparing the proposals on preferred destinations of tourism and submitting them to the Department, organizing exhibitions, fairs, and festivals on relevant fields with the consent of the Department and participating in them, preparing relevant publishment and information materials with the confirmation of the Department, organizing the presentations of qualified tourism products in the international tourism market in accordance with the international standards, serving in tourism and information fields are also included in the duties of the Center.

Zaviya-Madrasa building, in which Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center is located, is one of the historical and architectural monuments in Nakhchivan city. The word "Zaviya" means corner, angle in the Arabic language. Dervishes, belonging to separate religious orders, lived in Zaviyas . The outward appearance of the architecture, the plan structure, and the unique composition of the mosque, which belongs to Nakhchivan architecture school, proves that it is the product of the rich construction traditions of XVII-XVIII centuries. Although Zaviya-Madrasa building reminds rectangular shape at first glance, it has the compound architectural structure. The interior part of the building consists of big worship hall, the vestibule which is adjacent to it, two rooms on the second floor, and winding stairs of the minaret.  In the XX century, the building was used as the club, the house of pioneers, religious office, the office of women's council and etc in various times. The building was renovated and restored in 2008.



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