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Info-tour for tourism men in Nakhchivan

On April 8-10, an info-tour was organized by “Nagshijahan Holding” in the frame of “Let’s know and introduce Nakhchivan” project in order to promote the tourism potential of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In the frame of info-tour more than 200 owners and tourism men from 12 countries and over 120 different tourism companies of Azerbaijan visited Nakhchivan.

On the first day of their visit, a meeting was held with the participation of “Nagshijahan Holding”, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, as well as representatives of local tourism companies at “Duzdagh” hotel.

Then the guests participated at “Kata” festival held at “Nakhchivangala” Historical-Architectural Complex. They listened to interesting songs and tasted different katas (flat pie with greens) cooked there.

Then they visited “Alinjagala” historical monument and museum located in Julfa region. The participants of the info-tour were informed that Alinjagala historical monument and “Alinjagala” Historical-Cultural Museum was restored on the basis of the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated February 11, 2014. The restoration of Alinjagala historical monument is of great importance to hand down centuries old history of our people the next generations and introduce it all over the world.

Owners and tourism men got acquainted with “Khan Palace” State Historical-Architectural, Momuna Khatin and in the Open Air Museum Complex, got detailed information about these monuments. The stone monuments, which are exhibited in the open air in Ajami space in the city of Nakhchivan, made a good impression on the guests. While acquaintance with the mausoleum of Momuna Khatin, the magnificent monument of national architecture of Azerbaijan, they learned that the tomb was built in 1186 by the order of Shamsaddin Eldaniz, the founder of the state of Atabegs in Azerbaijan. The mausoleum on the grave of his wife Momuna Khatin, was built by a well-known architect Ajami Abubakr oghlu Nakhchivani.

In the Khan palace they were informed that the museum was established taking into account the role of Nakhchivan khanate in the national statehood, its services   in the preservation of its territory in Azerbaijan. At present there are more than 900 exhibits in the museum consisting of 8 exposition halls. Among these exhibits are archival documents, photos, family tree of Nakhchivan khanate, map of khanate. The guests also visited the Alley of Martyrs in Nakhchivan. The participants of the tour visited the graves of the sons of our Motherland who were martyred in the fight for the freedom and territorial integrity of our Motherland.

Entrepreneurs and tourism men were acquainted with Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center, Uzunoba Recreation Complex, Batabat pasture located at 2,000 meters above sea level. Famous Floating Island, Aghbulag Recreation Center made a good impression on the guests.

Then they viewed the promotion film "Tourism potential of Nakhchivan" at Nakhchivan State Musical Drama Theater named after Jalil Mammadguluzadeh. Booklets prepared for the promotion of numerous tourist destinations in the ancient land were presented to them. The participants of info-tour who got acquainted with "Ashabi-Kahf Sanctuary" religious-cultural monument complex, Equestrian Center, Nakhchivan Business Center have got detailed information on the opportunities of tourism development in the autonomous republic, the rapid socio-economic development of the ancient land.

During the trip, we met with some of the guests and addressed them. According to the guests, Nakhchivan has  vast tourism potential and mutual co-operation for the proper use of existing potential should be continued further.

Sonya Rahim Nejat (Iran): - This is my first visit to Nakhchivan. After getting acquaintance with several places I came to a conclusion that Nakhchivan has great tourism potential. The promotion film also deals with the restoration of historical monuments, construction of new tourism facilities has been in the spotlight, significant projects have been carried out. Renovation of rural settlements of Nakhchivan fascinated me.

Alinjagala is a magnificent historical monument. In fact, I had information about the fortress beforehand, but I desired to see it. Today, there are enough tourists visiting Nakhchivan from the Islamic Republic of Iran. We will also try to make our contribution to the coming of more tourists to the autonomous republic.


Serpil Onal (Turkey): - First, I would like to express my gratitude to “Nagshijahan Holding” for the created condition. It is not my first visit to Nakhchivan, but it is the first time I am taking part in such big project as a tourism woman. Nakhchivan has unique beauty, hospitable people, and first of all you have clean cities and villages. Created condition expands the tourism opportunities of Nakhchivan. Therefore, today the autonomous republic has the high-quality potential to receive local and foreign tourists. With all these beauties, Nakhchivan will receive more tourists in the coming years.




Samir Jabbarov (Guba): - I have good impressions about Nakhchivan. I am both a tourism man and a photographer. I saw Nakhchivan in the photos and this made me a sense of curiosity. That is why I was very pleased when I was invited to Nakhchivan. What I saw here surprised me very much. First of all I must say that streets, roads are very clean here. Nakhchivan city has unique beauty. Modernism and antiquity completes each-other in this city.

During these two days we visited many interesting places of Nakhchivan. Batabat pasture and Aghbulag Recreation Center attracted my attention very much. Landscapes are splendid here. In general, Nakhchivan’s modern development, tourism potential and hospitality allow accept more and more tourists. I intend to come to Nakhchivan next month to prepare a photo-report about nature, historical monuments, ancient dwelling places and modernized settlements of this ancient land.

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Date: 26-01-2021
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