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"Euronews" channel’s next release of "Postcards" series is about secrets of Duzdag

"Euronews", one of the world's leading channels, has started broadcasting videos of Nakhchivan's historical and cultural heritage and tourism potential. After the report on Hachadag and Momine Khatun Mausoleum, the next one is "Azerbaijan Postcards - Secrets of Duzdag Mountain" released in the Russian-language version of the channel.

"NUHCHIKHAN" reports "Euronews" employees Galina Polonskaya and Paul Tunin visited Nakhchivan and shot in this ancient city last month. The next reporting and article of "Euronews" broadcasting in 12 foreign languages and having millions of viewers all around the world are about Duzdag. It is stressed that there are millions of tons of salt reserves here. Salt Mountain Duzdag, 14 kilometres from the city of Nakhchivan, is a natural treasure that can cure the body. Salt was extracted there even in the days of the Great Silk Road. And in the XX century, its tunnels were used to treat chronic respiratory diseases. You can sense the smell of salt even at the entrance to the tunnel. To get the therapeutic effect, you need to stay here for at least five hours.

Salt caves lull to sleep better than any cradle. For tourists, the entrance is free.

According to "Nuhchikhan" News Agency, the head physician of the Duzdag Physiotherapy Center, Zulfiyya Hasanova, told about the center and said that this place not only helps treat bronchial diseases, we have also noticed an amazing effect on the skin. 

The activity of "Duzdag" hotel and Salt Museum are also shown in the video.

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Date: 26-01-2021
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