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The members of Organizing Committee visited Garabaghlar Tomb Complex

The members of Organizing Committee established due to the declaration of Nakhchivan city as the Capital of Islamic Culture for 2018 visited Garabaghlar Tomb Complex on June 7.

The guests were informed that the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic signed a Decree “On restoration and research of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex” on July 4, 2016. On the basis of the Decree the restoration of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex in Garabaghlar village of Kangarli region, one of the unique samples of Turkic-Islamic culture, was carried out. The restoration of the world importance monument which is the continuation of Ajami Nakhchivani’s architectural school, an example of architect Ahmad Nakhchivani’s creativity, was carried out on scientific bases.

The complex consists of a tomb, a khanagah and an arch with double minaret. During restoration of monument its historical appearance has been preserved.

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Date: 17-01-2021
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