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Nakhchivan is an attractive destination for tourists in autumn too

People usually like to relax in summer. Because on hot days of summer, the need for people to rest psychologically is greater than in other seasons. At the same time, summer holidays for schoolchildren and vacations of parents in summer make it more favorable, which leads to the increase in number of vacationers in summer. However, remember that there are also those who are eager to rest in every season. Traveling to different tourist destinations even in autumn or winter is more convenient for some people. In fact, there is no tourism type like "summer, autumn or winter tourism". It is also possible in all seasons to relax since human interest is limitless. There are countries or regions that can meet this demand and create such opportunities.

Since Azerbaijan, as well as its integral part Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic have a multi-zones of climate, we have all conditions for rest and relaxation in all seasons of the year. Now, we have already stepped into the autumn. It has its own beauty. Nakhchivan also embodies its beauty in autumn. But what does this season offer for local and foreign tourists in the autonomous republic? In general, what opportunities can visitors take in this ancient land?

Firstly it should be noted that the autonomous republic has the necessary conditions for the development of tourism. Significant infrastructure work has been carried out in this area in recent years. Social stability, transportation, energy, communication capabilities which meet modern requirements, hospitality and others have opened wide opportunities for the comprehensive development of tourism. The purposeful measures by the state in order to develop tourism also have an impact on the number of tourists coming to Nakhchivan each year. Tourists usually come to our autonomous republic in summer, but in autumn there is also a vibrant life. There is a great potential for the development of some types of tourism for autumn in Nakhchivan.

Let me mention an interesting nuance. Two years ago, one of the tourists from the Middle East advised to travel to Azerbaijan in autumn, calling on the local media: "In autumn, Azerbaijan is a favorable country for people looking for beauty in nature. In this season, rainy and sunny weather replace on another in Azerbaijan. At the beginning of this season, the weather in Azerbaijan is as the weather in summer – green forests, parks and gardens. Only at the end of October the color of the leaves changes. You can visit one of the most picturesque villages of the country, or stay in the city and enjoy the beauty of autumn. Obviously, if you decide to come to Azerbaijan in autumn, you will be surrounded by hospitality and kindness".

Yes, after all these, it is necessary to say that Nakhchivan, which is surrounded by the beautiful climatic zones of our country, is impressing everyone with its mysterious nature in autumn, as in all seasons. But what does this season offer for local and foreign tourists in the autonomous republic?

Let's start with the first one, in Nakhchivan as in all seasons, the air is very clean and fresh in autumn. Unlike other seaside tourism areas, there is natural dryness in the air. It is evident that, since autumn is one of the most rainy seasons, sometimes such moisture can be observed. This is not felt in regions with fresh and dry air like Nakhchivan. Thus, the change in climate conditions ensures the transition from rainy weather to sunny or windy weather, which will allow the humidity to be eliminated. Such weather is very important for some older or sick people. That is, tourists coming to Nakhchivan can be covered with oxygenated and clean weather without industrial pollution in autumn, as in other seasons.

Secondly, Nakhchivan is a land of delicious fruit and vegetables. Previously, when tourists went somewhere, they usually thought about their trips or shopping plans and then they decided where they were going. Eating, as they say, was less important. In recent years, one of the major issues that tourists around the world choose when traveling to a particular destination is the cuisine of the countries in which they are traveling, and the availability of the similar food for them. Let's approach practically to the issue. Today, nutrition has became a number one issue to the majority of people traveling to countries such as China, South Korea, Japan and Malaysia. Over the past decades, foreign cuisines have spread in those countries due to the development  of tourism, but the use of those cuisines for our people still has not been fully effective. Because the products used in their cuisine are very different from our local products. However, on the contrary, in our country, as well as in our autonomous republic, agricultural products grown in natural sunlight, even in greenhouses, have a good impact on foreigners coming from any part of the world. This fact is acknowledged by any foreign tourists coming to Nakhchivan. As they say, the taste of nature always protects itself. Let's note here that autumn is the time when various fruits and vegetables grow in Nakhchivan, or most of the summer crops are stocked from the fields by the end of fall. In this season, various berries, medicinal herbs are collected in our mountains. This can play an important role in the visit of foreign tourists to different natural corners of our autonomous republic, including our villages, the sowing areas of agricultural products. Tourists can taste, buy, or even take this local products to their acquaintances in such places. Especially, getting acquainted with the process of preparation of local jams in every family, or having access to these production enterprises and tasting those jams, can be enjoyed by the tourists, even those who are not interested in the culture of cuisine.

Naturally, the "acquaintance just on the spot" for tourists was always interesting. In this sense, watching traditional winter preparation process (pickling, cooking compote and jams, drying fruit, preparing cheese and roasted meat, etc.) or participating in this process is an interesting impression.

Speaking of autumn for tourists, one of the most exciting moments in recent years as a new trend in tourism is the promotion of our national wedding traditions in tourism. Although foreign tourists took part in our weddings in some cases, it is also an interesting way of promotion. For example, in recent years, heads of tourism tours in the neighboring Republic of Turkey have contacted local administrative authorities to determine how much weddings will be in any village beforehand. Then, they meet with the representatives of the wedding parties, if they accept the participation of several foreigners at that wedding and the invitation will be added to the tour program. Thus, tourists from abroad come to the weddings as a guest, get acquainted with national traditions, and become the true propagandist of these traditions after returning to their homeland. Interestingly, most tourists who want to participate in such weddings are members of one family. The purpose of directing tourists to the village weddings is that national traditions are being preserved more at such weddings. The advice of our ancestors is that if you marry in autumn it would be better. This means that in autumn fruits and vegetables are abundant and new, cool weather is beneficial to the participants, the work of those who deal with the farming is relatively easy, and so on. It can be concluded that tourists who want to come to Nakhchivan in autumn can participate in our weddings and enrich their impressions about our traditions. The presence of foreigners at the wedding can also help local people to have a more exciting wedding.

And finally, Nakhchivan has always been an interesting place for history-lover tourists. Seeing the local, country and world-importance monuments in the autonomous republic is interesting for most people. However, getting acquainted with such important monuments in summer with dry continental hot climate may not be suitable perhaps for some. However, the weather is moderate in autumn, allowing even longer travel time.

In general, autumn with the sides we mentioned or not promises interesting opportunities for visitors to Nakhchivan. In this period, as in everywhere, prices in local hotels become cheaper and it also helps tourists save their budgets. So, as in other seasons of the year, it is interesting for anyone to come to Nakhchivan and rest here in autumn.


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Date: 28-10-2020
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