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The students were introduced to the activities of "Nakhchivan Cuisine" Culinary Center and "National Dishes" public catering LLC.

The production experience of IV year students of Nakhchivan State University studying "Tourism and Hotel Management" has been started. In accordance with the schedule, the students first visited the Tourism Department of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and got acquainted with the Department's activities in the practice that started on February 17, 2023. They were given information about the working principles of the "Development and promotion of tourism", "Statistics and certification" and also "Finance-economics and general affairs" sectors.According to the prepared schedule, the production experience of the students continued in the organizations operating under the Department. So, on February 24, 2023, the students got acquainted with the working principle of the "National Dishes" public catering LLC operating under the "Nakhchivan Cuisine" Culinary Center. Here, the students were introduced to the activities of the Center and "National Dishes" public catering LLC. In the center, the students were informed about the Nakhchivan city ice house, where the "Nakhchivan Cuisine" Culinary Center and the "National Dishes" public catering LLC are located.It was reported that due to the high architectural design, the building was probably built in the 12th-14th centuries, when the Nakhchivan school of architecture developed.

The plan structure of Nakhchivan city ice house is rectangular. Although this building, which is 20 meters long and 9 meters wide, looks like a one-story building at first glance, its total height is 9.6 meters. The monument, whose walls are 1 meter thick, has been restored while preserving the architectural structure. It was noted that the preservation, systematic study, development and promotion of the culinary culture, which is one of the oldest fields of folk creativity, constitute the main directions of the activity of the "Nakhchivan Cuisine" Culinary Center. Along with forgotten cuisines, traditions and folklore samples of our national cuisine are collected by the center. It was reported that in order to promote our ancient dishes, the rules of their preparation are clearly demonstrated in television programs.Information posted on the center's Instagram and Facebook social networks about national cuisine is followed with great interest by users. Also, on the "Youtube" channel of the Center, videos prepared by Nakhchivan Television, reflecting the rules of preparation of our national cuisine samples, have been placed.Then the students were given extensive information about the procedure for preparing food and tea tables. Students were given detailed information about daily preparation, table decoration, arrangement of dishes, order of service, rules for serving culinary products to the table, as well as basic and auxiliary equipment used on the table, rules for preparing a dinner table and the transition from a dinner table to a tea table were visually demonstrated.

In the end, the students' questions were answered, and they were introduced to the activities of "National Dishes" public catering LLC.

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