The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

Azerbaijan enables tourists to

come to our country.

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When to go

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic can be visited in all seasons of the year. Because each season of Nakhchivan has its  unique colors and features.


 Spring – with its flourishing nature, torrential rivers, and fresh air, spring is very attractive in Nakhchivan. The celebration of Novruz (a holiday of spring on March 21) in spring makes it much more attractive. The symbol of arrival of spring – Novruz will make the guests have a good time with its several old holiday traditions and events. 







 The summer – for many reasons summer is attractive here. The Batabat woods, Pazmari waterfalls, the Village Nurgut, Bichenek are especially beautiful in this season. Visitors receive unforgettable impression of vacation spots in the woods and the foothills which are located on the coast of  lakes Batabat, Vaykhir, Gilanchay, Paragachay from walks outdoors and picnics. There are healing termal and mineral water resources in  Nakhchivan AR. One of them is daridagh arsenic water located in Julfa. Having bath in this water in summer treats several diseases. Another character of summer is the abundance of fruits and vegetables. Fruit types as cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, pear, and plum, watermelon, and melon have unique tastes.





 Fall – is very beautiful in Nakhchivan. In the season of gree has harmony with yellow and golden colors, the nature of city especially looks beautiful. For fans of cool weather and rainy autumn days, Nakhchivan will create romantic mood in this season.








 The winter – Nakhchivan seems especially fantastic in winter. Nakhchivan will be unforgettable place for winter funs. Especially you derive pleasure from warm national dishes and hot tea from a samovar in warm rooms at a fireplace of vacation spots and restaurants. We recommend ordering such dishes as khash (early in the morning), dyushbere, khashil and other farinaceous dishes eating in winter.










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Date: 26-02-2024
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