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Anatoli Maxin: "The population of Nakhchivan showed brilliant heroism in Sadarak"

Anatoli Maxin: “Naxçıvan əhalisi Sədərəkdə paralaq qəhrəmanlıq nümunəsi göstərdilər”Russian citizen Anatoli Maxin is a veteran sportsman and deputy of Voskresensk city.

Our guest, who was in Nakhchivan during the difficult time in the 90s of the last century, noting that those days engraved in his memory, feels debted to visit Nakhchivan as a simple tourist.

Anatoli Maxin, who served here as a member of the Soviet army, said that Nakhchivani people made the supreme sacrifice and didn’t let the enemy advance and he appraised these as a brilliant heroic example.

So Anatoli Maxin remembers Nakhchivan on those days:

"I came to Nakhchivan for the first time in 1989. More precisely, it was the 18th of December. It was the USSR era. I worked as a prophylactic provider. They are very difficult years. Industrial enterprises were inactive; unemployment increased, and there was an uncertain situation. I am surprised when I compare present days with those. I left here in March 1990. All these years I wanted to come to Nakhchivan. So when I think of it, I get sensitive. I wanted to see the prosperous life of this peaceful people. Even on those days I felt the confidence of the future in people's eyes. I had some news. As if it's hard to live here. I did not believe that. I thought that people who love their motherland and work hard should be well-off. I was a sportsman, I am a wrestler. I took part in the Russian championship within the team of veterans and took 3rd place. But my age was over 65. Then I won the third place in the world championship in Bulgaria. It inspired me and I arranged my documents within 3 days and came here after a long time. My heart skips a beat. I went to the hotel and after 2-3 hours I went out. Believe me; I could not recognize the city. At that time Nakhchivan was different in my memory. The living conditions were not good. And now I've seen a European type of city. I liked the Heydar Aliyev Museum very much. I walk in the park and understand that life in Nakhchivan is comfortable and calm."

We also witnessed our interlocutor remembering the memories of past days got sensitive. He took a deep breath and continued:

"I was sitting on the bench. I heard suddenly a child was singing. My eyes were full with tears. It was beyond expression. After all, I had seen Nakhchivan. I look back on. 28 years have passed. Everything and everywhere look beautiful. I'd like to meet people I've known, but they probably will not recognize me. I would say that both at that time and now I feel people's hospitality and kindness. I see they are safe and comfortable. This is very important for people. As a deputy of Voskresensk city municipality, I say that the direction has been properly taken. Everything is aimed at the comfort of people. I thank our government, not your government because I consider myself a member of your family. The activity of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis is visible in every forward effort. The results are obvious. During my visit, I watch Nakhchivan Television and want to know everything. When I was here in 2013, I shot. Do you know how I did it? I recorded it from the TV screen. I consider it a wealth. When I remember Nakhchivan, I look at those materials. There is progress in all areas. This makes me very happy. You have earned hundred years of success in 20 years. I sincerely say that."

When asked why Anatolia Maxin came to Nakhchivan on this eve, we also received an interesting answer:

"Dear Nakhchivanians, when we see the beauty, we do not think that there is a great deal of work behind it. It comes from generations, we keep and develop it. The achievements were the result of the proper operation of the management. The people of Nakhchivan is always hospitable. They share even their last piece of bread with the guests. I appeal to young people to protect these values. Russia and Azerbaijan have good relations for a long time. I could come here on a festive or celebratory day. There are reasons to come here on this eve. I'm just here to commemorate those days of those years and to bow before the graves of those who died for the sake of independence. Let's have peace. Peace is better than peace."

Our guest, who shared his valuable ideas with us, said that this visit would not be the last one and would be pleased to visit here next years. Our guest, presenting himself as a member of Nakhchivan in moral terms, said that this development, the created conditions and hospitality are always pleasant to see...

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Date: 27-01-2021
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