The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

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Nakhchivan made a good impression on participants of tour "Let’s discover our country"

Fidan Ibrahimova, 11th grade pupil of the Lyceum named after academician Zarifa Aliyeva in Yasamal district:

- The mausoleum of Momuna Khatun, the Khan's palace, mysterious nature and beauty of Ordubad and Shahbuz fascinated me. We have been closely acquainted with Nakhchivan's miraculous nature, ancient history, developing regions and Nakhchivan city, Youth Capital of our country this year. The capital of the autonomous republic is indeed a very beautiful, clean and glamorous city.



Havva Yusifova, 10th grade pupil of the educational complex No. 132-134 of Sabail district:

- I am very glad to be in Nakhchivan, the integral part of our native Azerbaijan. I have had a lot of information about the sightseeing places and historical monuments of the autonomous republic. But just as said, it's better to see them once than to hear about them a hundred times. During these three days here I have learned a lot about the history of Nakhchivan.

While in Shahbuz, we were able to get acquainted with the rich flora and fauna of this place. This region has fresh air and very beautiful nature. Our visit to Nakhchivan strengthened our love for country. This journey will be memorable in our lives. Therefore, on behalf of my friends, I express my gratitude to our state.

Nizami Khalilov, 10th grade pupil of Yasamal district secondary school No. 20:

- Organization of such kind of events is of great importance in terms of enhancing students' outlook and knowledge. We read in history textbooks that Nakhchivan had ancient history. But I am happy to be able to see the historical and cultural monuments visually and get broad information. Nakhchivan is rich in ancient historical monuments. Nakhchivan has wonderful nature and very hospitable people. I express my gratitude to the President for the organization of this tour for pupils.

When I visited the Nakhchivan State University and the Heydar Aliyev Military School, the conditions in these educational institutions attracted my attention. I will try to get a high score and study at one of these higher educational institutions in Nakhchivan.

Tamerlan Khanbayov, 10th grade pupil of secondary school No. 267 of Binagadi district:

- We visit Nakhchivan, an integral part of our homeland; and get acquainted with historical monuments and get valuable information. The most interesting one for me was Batabat Astrophysics Observatory.

It was my dream to be in the Observatory. The acquaintance with the Shahbuz State Nature Reserve was also very interesting. Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center is one of the rare places in the world with its natural healing source. I am very glad that I could visit Duzdagh. I express my gratitude on behalf of my friends because of this wonderful opportunity created for schoolchildren to get acquainted with Nakhchivan.


Gulchin Hajiyeva, 11th grader of the School-Lyceum with Humanitarian Bias in Khatai District:

- Indeed, every corner of our country is beautiful. But the beauty of Nakhchivan is unique.

Here, history and modernity come to light. During our two days in Nakhchivan, we got acquainted with many historical and cultural monuments and got valuable information. The historical monuments in Ordubad and Julfa have made a great impression on our historical past. I've been able to get a lot of information about the Gulustan monument. I am glad that when I return to Baku, there will be a lot of things to talk to my friends. On behalf of all pupils, I express my gratitude to the organizers of the tour.

Farid Aliyev, 11th grade pupil of Nasimi district secondary school No. 5:

- It was proud for me to be in Alinjagala, put resistance to Amir Teymur's troops for 14 years, the symbol of Azerbaijan's bravery and bellicosity. We learned that Alinjagala played an indispensable role in the history of the medieval states in Azerbaijan, as well as in the struggle for freedom of the Azerbaijani people. Restoration of the historical monument "Alinjagala" is very important for keeping our ancient history alive.

"It is an excellent opportunity for every schoolchild to organize such events", - said Farid Aliyev, adding that the students are able to learn more about our ancient history and culture by getting acquainted with the autonomous republic, which is the cradle of historical statehood of Azerbaijan.

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Date: 27-01-2021
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