The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

Azerbaijan enables tourists to

come to our country.

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Impressions of the schoolchildren about Nakhchivan coming from Baku in the frame of tour-campaign “Let’s discover our country”

Aytan Kalashova, student of IX grade of secondary school No.67 of Sabunchu region: - It is already two days that I and my schoolmates are in the magnificent land of our country. We got acquainted with sightseeing places, cultural and educational facilities of Nakhchivan city, Ordubad and Julfa regions, we saw the historical and cultural monuments. After coming here, I became a witness to the fact that Nakhchivan really is a land of beauty. I also saw that people who are welcoming us here are friendly, hospitable and sincere. It made me and my friends very happy. I express my gratitude for the created opportunities.



Miragha Asgarli, student of X grade of secondary school No.47 of Narimanov region: - In Nakhchivan, the ancient land of our country, the geniuses' homeland, I have got detailed information about this rich and centuries-old history and culture in a short period of time here. On the first day of the tour-campaign we got acquainted with “Khan Palace” State Historical-Architectural, Momuna Khatun and Museum in the Open Air Complex, then Ordubad Region History-Ethnography Museum, the house-museums of outstanding pedagogue Mahammad Taghi Sidgi, Mammad Said Ordubadi and academician Yusif Mammadaliyev in Ordubad city. It made a great impression on me like other students. The magnificent monument in Julfa region, Alinjagala, which is the symbol of our people's courage and heroism, has surprised us. I learned that this monument, which preserved our centuries-old history, has been restored and returned to the people. I think the restoration of Alinjagla is an expression of the importance given to our past. Organizing such tour-campaign is a great opportunity for young people to get acquainted with our history and culture. I am grateful to everyone who contributed to this work.

Narmin Mammadova, student of XI grade of secondary school No.125 of Khazar region: - When I heard I would participate in the tour-campaign “Let’s discover our country”, I was excited I would be in Nakhchivan in the frame of this tour-campaign .When I came here, my joy was even greater.  Because I have got detailed information about this beautiful land of our country, I've been to many beautiful places. Indeed, every corner of Nakhchivan is very interesting.  Although I've been traveling for hours on comfortable buses reserved for us, I'm not tired.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to get acquainted with many of my peers here. We spend good time with them, talk about what we have seen and what we have learned. In short, my acquaintance with Nakhchivan is very useful to me. I'm glad that when I return I will have many things to tell my friends. We are grateful to our state for creating this opportunity for us.

 Rufat Zakiyev, student of X grade of secondary school No.101 of Surakhani region: - During my two days in Nakhchivan, I liked the order and cleanliness here. Nakhchivan is a very beautiful city. The buildings are very attractive. People are friendly and kind here.

What drew my attention most is the higher educational institutions in Nakhchivan. There are all conditions for higher education in the autonomous republic. I would like to continue my higher education in Nakhchivan after graduating from school.

We also visited secondary school No. 3 in Ordubad, talked to teachers and students. The school's classrooms with electronic boards, gym, computer rooms, rich library are at the most advanced level. I'm glad that my peers are studying at schools with wonderful opportunities. This is an expression of great importance given to the future of the younger generation. Generally, in my two days in Nakhchivan, I have created a high mood, learned a lot. I am grateful for your hard work.

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Date: 27-01-2021
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