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International drawing festival made good impressions

“Nakhchivan-cradle of humanity” IV International Drawing Festival dedicated to the 95th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev was held. In the frame of the international festival organized by Knowledge Foundation under the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Ministry of Culture and Artists’ Union, the artists got acquainted with interesting places, historical monuments, cultural institutions of the ancient land. On the last day of the festival the participants got acquainted with Garabaghlar Tomb Complex, “Jahan” Shopping Center, Nakhchivan Business Center, viewed drawing exhibition organized at Nakhchivan State University. We met them and learned their impressions about Nakhchivan.

Farhad Khalilov, the chairman of Artists’ Union of Azerbaijan, People’s artist: - Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the integral part of Azerbaijan, is rich land with its historical past and culture. Over the past years, the autonomous republic passed a great development way, new, beautiful, architectural building have been constructed, modern roads have been built, different museums have been established.  A lot of work has been done in the field of culture in the autonomous republic. This is the great care of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic to the development of national culture. Thanks to this care, the best modern conditions have been created for artists in Nakhchivan, their labor is appreciated highly. Holding the IV International Drawing Festival   “Nakhchivan- cradle of humanity” is an example of attention shown to culture in the autonomous republic. This festival is of great importance for the autonomous republic. Artists from different countries of the world have come to Nakhchivan to participate here. Nakhchivan’s nature, historical buildings are inexhaustible theme sources for them. And it enables Nakhchivan to be known and promoted in the international arena. Once more I   express my gratitude to the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis on behalf of the artists for the organization of the festival.

Mehmet Sagh (Turkey): – When I learned I was invited to the festival I was pleased, excited. Because it would be my first visit to Nakhchivan, the cradle of humanity.

On the other hand, I had the pleasure and responsibility to participate in an international festival related to the name of the great personality Heydar Aliyev, one of the unforgettable leaders of the entire Turkish world. Looking at the exhibition dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the great leader, I realized once again the magnificence of the personality of world-famous political figure, as a whole, the love of your nation for him in the example of your artists.

Your city is wonderful. This land possesses ancient past, history, culture. As if mountains, stones, soil of this land tell us every beauty. The Araz river displays the entire historical pages. I think the reason why Nakhchivan shines like a pearl is that people have simple, cultural, human, aesthetic feelings. The atmosphere, climate, geographical conditions of this region allow us to describe the beauty of nature, colorful world with artist brush. The ancient historical monuments, museums admired us, but also showed us the example of the Turkic people declare themselves owner of history and culture. I drew the beauties of this ancient land on canvas inspiring from Hachadagh and an ancient legend related to Noah storm. One can come across this legend in our Anatolia geography and the books related to Aghridagh. Feeling legendary power in my soul, I tried to symbolize the World storm on my drawing that made me a great impression on me.

Nakhchivan, land of legends… I think that each of us must describe all these beauties- the history, culture of the Turks with poets’ and writers’ pens, artists’ brushes, composers’ works, sculptors’ picks, hand them down the coming generations as valuable gifts.

Habiba Javanbaht (Iran) : – I came from Tabriz. I have enough information about Nakhchivan and nakhchivani people. Your ancient land is developing rapidly. We see it visually every time we come here. Although I have been to Nakhchivan several times, it is the first time I participate in the international drawing festival here. It is very pleasant for me to express Nakhchivan’s beauties with my brush. This is the land of Noah and is rich in historical monuments.

In every corner of Nakhchivan we witness the cleanliness. Your city is an example to various countries of the world with it. The kindness, hospitality of your people satisfies everyone. In my painting, I also tried to express all shades of Nakhchivan, keeping its history and old age. Conducting such festivals in your city is a testimony to the high level of attention and respect shown to artists. If such festivals are held everywhere in the world, I think that there will be peace and harmony among all countries, strong friendships will be created, and also get new information about our art. I express my gratitude to the head of autonomous republic for such high organizational activity.

Olga Eren( Kazakhstan ): - The international drawing festival holding in Nakhchivan made an impression of culture and art festivity having the same tone with the ancient history and present time of your land. I have been to your city many times. It is already my third participation in this festival. People have great love for their history, national values, propagandize, introduce them, and the interesting places that I visited increased my admiration for this city. For example, we got acquainted with Garabaghlar Tomb Complex, which reflects pearls of Eastern architecture. The complex which is now being restored, is an expression of the importance and care to your historical past by your state. Today’s Nakhchivan fascinates us with its culture, modernity and rapid development.

It is not accidental to hold such international drawing festivals in Nakhchivan. Because this ancient land which is considered Noah’s homeland is also one of the historical-cultural centers where drawing culture was formed. This is the homeland of great Azerbaijani artist Bahruz Kangarli. As every inch of Nakhchivan inspires any poet to write poems, at the same time tells every artist “come and draw”. Our duty is to describe on white paper what we see, to introduce them to world with the help of magic brushes, colors. Drawing Hachadagh, the symbol of Nakhchivan, Momina khatin tomb and other historical monuments with artists' imagination, inspire the human to enjoy the spirituality, revive the history in front of the eyes. Nakhchivan's hosting such international exhibitions once again shows that the development of Azerbaijani painting art, the level of visual art, and the direction of creative search are at a high level.

Diana Arslanova (Russia): - The creation of modern infrastructure in Nakhchivan, establishment of large parks and avenues, the parterre that attracted my attention first have made this land a real paradise. Places we visited left unforgettable memories in my memory, I've had memorable days. Acquaintance with the Artists’ Union of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and artists' workshops once again demonstrated the great opportunities for the creativity of artists. It turned out that there is a great deal of attention to the use of modern art workshops and the discovery of those who have talent in this field. Young artists from Nakhchivan who I met at the festival talked about the rich traditions of the painting school of this region.

I drew the beauty of nature which God has given to your land and the historical monuments of your people which preserve your ancient history, with power of my imagination in different genres and styles. I express my gratitude to those who created this opportunity.

Patimat Guseynova (Russia): - This is my first visit to Nakhchivan. What drew my attention most in your land was Momina khatin tomb. Indeed, you can not control your admiration as you watch this monument. During my acquaintance with the monument, I learned that the magnificent example of Azerbaijan's national architecture, the pearl of eastern architecture, is in the land of Nakhchivan, as a symbol of high love and respect for women in the Turkic world. In my painting I tried to describe them. At the same time, I drew Hachadagh using different color shades, and of what I heard about the of ancient Noah legend I described on canvas. With a great sense of pride, I would say that Nakhchivan is a true place to go and live. In the future I will visit Nakhchivan frequently.

                                                                  Guntaj SHAHMAMMADLI

                                                                     “Sharg gapisi” newspaper

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Date: 23-06-2021
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