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Turkish artist and journalist Hulya Sezgin wrote about Nakhchivan

Turkish artist and journalist Hulya Sezgin published an article titled “Two states, one nation - brother Nakhchivan” on “Ortag ses” newspaper. Hulya Sezgin participated in “Nakhchivan- the cradle of humanity” IV International Drawing Festival dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, shared her impressions about Nakhchivan with the readers. Her article starts as: “Nakhchivan and nakhchivani people are very native to me. I was in Nakhchivan at the previous two festivals. Therefore I informed the artists about Nakhchivan participating in the festival. I thought Nakhchivan was a region of Azerbaijan first.   I was so ignorant. Because Nakhchivan, which borders on Igdir, is an autonomous state that has been separated from Azerbaijan… Agriculture and industry are developing in Nakhchivan. It has rich historical-cultural heritage. They also know very well how to preserve and keep. Everywhere is clean, surrounded with greenery and flowers. Therefore, everyone wants to visit and see this beautiful land. The development of tourism contributes to the economy. Significant measures are carried out in this field in Nakhchivan, rich culture is promoted, art and creative people are appreciated, nice festivals are held. I think tourism companies of Turkey must add Nakhchivan to their tourism routes”.

The author noted that Nakhchivan has gained great economic and cultural breakthroughs recently, pointing out that these achievements have shown itself in the field of high-level international events and festivals: "That is why the interest in this traditional painting festival is growing. This year, more than 60 artists from 14 countries participated in the festival".

Hulya Sezgin emphasized that craftsmanship, as well as art are surrounded with great care in Nakhchivan: “The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Mr. Vasif Talibov highly appreciates art and artists, carries out systematic work in the direction of preserving cultural and national values of Azerbaijan. Therefore, in recent years, tens of talented artists as successors of great artist Bahruz Kangarli grew in Nakhchivan. Along with the historic buildings of Nakhchivan, the new buildings also have aesthetic appearance. They attach great importance to art, science and sports. There are prominent theaters, libraries, sports facilities, chess center, conservatory, and universities that offer education in various specialties. Future artists grow up in these higher education institutions. We visited Nakhchivan in two days, but we did not get tired the beauty of this ancient land. The mausoleum of Momina Khatin, the great masterpiece of art, is like the Taj Mahal of Nakhchivan. In the Carpet Museum carpets are preserved and woven. There are carpet-artists here. Creating a picture with carpet weaving and beads caused great interest".

The author writes: “We visited the Artists’ Park named after Bahruz Kangarli which was opened in the last festival. Bahruz Kangarli, the most renowned realist artist of Azerbaijan, is a hero of his nation who spent his money for orphans’ education. It is possible to see history of Nakhchivan on his works. The tomb of Prophet Noah was restored on the basis of his works”. Hulya Sezgin also admired Nakhchivan's cuisine, especially its jam: “Everything here is natural and local. There is not any genetically modified seed! It has very delicious and famous jam.  Walnut jam is specially delicious”.

"There are very nice rules. Unlike Turkey, cars stop while pedestrians    crossing the road”, - and the author added: “Four years ago, at the opening ceremony of the festival, around the mausoleum of Momina Khatin, the young girl in national costume danced under the sounds of the song "Sari Galin". I was so excited. This year I created a drawing reflecting that scene. Because of the fact that Nakhchivan is surrounded by flowers, I decorated the bottom part of my drawing with flowers".

Hulya Sezgin, who finished the article with sincere notes, writes: "It's not an easy task to have so many guests of the art group so much to care for them. Behind this is a great deal of labor, loyalty and love. For this I am grateful to the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic ... We saw Nakhchivan friendly and brotherly, we painted beautiful paintings ... Art is friendship, art is peace, art is humanity ... "

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Date: 28-10-2020
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