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Ancient land is an ideal place to hold events on international level

Participants of the III International Congress of Youth Researches from Turkey think so.

The representatives of prestigious high educational centers of brother country Turkey participated in the III International Congress of Youth Researches held in Nakhchivan. They got acquainted with the interesting places, historical monuments, cultural and health institutions of our ancient land. We talked with the guests, learned their impressions about Nakhchivan.

Zakariya Bingol- the principle of Marmaris Tourism Vocational college:- Holding the III International Congress of Youth Researches  in Nakhchivan is of great importance to promote this ancient land. Declaration of Nakhchivan as the Capital of Islamic Culture for 2018 and at the same as the Youth Capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan are the main factors to hold this event here.

I would like to emphasize that there are all necessary conditions to hold the event on a high level in Nakhchivan. I must note that we visited many interesting places of the autonomous republic.  The ancient historical and cultural monuments of Nakhchivan, magnificent nature, the order here fascinated us.  

I have been to Nakhchivan several times. I participated in the festivals and events held in Nakhchivan. I can say that ancient land is an ideal place to hold events on international level. I hope that high level events like the III International Congress of Youth Researches will be frequently held and the close cooperation between two brother countries will be continued in future.

Professor Nevres Hurriyet Aydogan -  the assistant rector of Mughla Sitki Kochman University, dean of Medicine faculty: - The aim of holding this event in Nakhchivan is to expand the mutual relations with the high education schools here, to conduct information exchange in the education field. When we were in high education schools here we observed that there is great attention to education.

This is my first visit to Nakhchivan. But when I stepped in Noah's land I felt myself like at home. The main cause is  the hospitality and kind attitude of people living here. I express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the organization of the event.

I must say that I saw the rich tourism potential of Nakhchivan virtually. Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center fascinated us with its miraculous features. The rich historical and cultural monuments of Nakhchivan open up new opportunities for the development of tourism in this ancient land.

Zulfikar Bayraktar- the docent of Bandirma Onyedi Eylul(Seventeenth of September) University. The great son of Turkic world Heydar Aliyev said: "The youth are our future". Yes, if we want to build our future on solid foundations, we should implement necessary measures by now to get high education, to prepare them as high qualified specialists. While my visit to Nakhchivan I saw that there are all necessary conditions for the development of the youth here. The teaching conditions created in high education schools are very favorable. When I return Turkey I will advice my friends to choose universities in Nakhchivan to study.

I must note that I met with miserable conditions in other countries that I visited. But when I came Nakhchivan I saw stability, peace. Everywhere is beautiful here. High hospitality, kind attitude, cleanness, order, in a word, everything is beautiful here. I am very pleased to be here. I express my gratitude for the shown attention.

Gulshen Bayat- the teacher of Tourism faculty of Igdir University: -  The previous two congresses were held in Turkey- Marmaris and Fethiye. Holding the third congress in Nakhchivan is an indicator of the mutual cooperation of two brother countries. We have had the opportunity to visit the interesting places of the ancient land. The restored historical-cultural monuments, the marvelous nature of the ancient land, high-level culture of Nakhchivan, medical and educational institutions are the indicators of the development of the autonomous republic. What drew my attention most was Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center. I must confess that I have never seen a place like this. I learned that people with respiratory diseases from the many parts of the world are cured here. I was very pleased to see this place as there are many people in my country suffering from this disease. When I return I will inform them about this health center.

I must say that I did not imagine Nakhchivan such a beautiful land. When I saw the beauties of Nakhchivan city I enjoyed. Well-organized streets, wide roads, beautiful buildings, marvelous greeneries, stability, cleanness are the main factors of this magnificent land.   I was very pleased to see Nakhchivan. I will often visit Nakhchivan in future. I express my gratitude for the shown high hospitality and kind attitude to us.



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Date: 09-07-2020
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