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The protection and restoration of the historical monuments in Nakhchivan are good examples for many countries

Hans Eberhart, the attache of the Swiss Confederation's embassy in Turkey on issues of defense, accredited in the Republic of Georgia and the Republic of Azerbaijan, visited Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on November 15-16. During the visit, the guest got acquainted with historical monuments, cultural and health institutions of the Autonomous Republic.

The diplomat who has a good impression on Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic said: "During my visit to the Autonomous Republic, I have traveled a lot of historical places with great enthusiasm. The museums here show that Nakhchivan has ancient history and rich culture. The magnificent Alinjaqala was greatly appreciated me by his majesty. This tower is a symbol of the heroism of your people. I think the protection and restoration of historical monuments in Nakhchivan should be an example for many countries. Another point that attracts my attention is that the people of Nakhchivan are very kind and friendly. I express my gratitude to everyone for this sincerity and hospitality. "


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Date: 20-07-2018
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