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An event dedicated to the National Flag Day of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was held Details

On November 18, the “Family Farm Products” festival was held at the “Nakhchivangala” Historical-Architectural Museum Complex.

The announcers of the event talked about the history and importance of family farming in Nakhchivan.

Department Head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Adalat Huseynov made a speech at the festival and spoke about the development of agriculture in the autonomous republic, the creation of family farms, reducing the dependence of the domestic market on imports and at the same time increasing the export opportunities.

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov participated in the festival, was interested in the activity of family farms, talked with farmers and bought the products they produced.

It was reported that 284 family farms from all districts of the autonomous republic introduced 7538 packed products in 14 types of 249 varieties. Nakhchivan  cream, sour cream, roasted meat, various jams and sweets, Nehram cheese, yoghurt, Ordubad’s alana (dried and filled small peaches), sujug, walnut, friut-brendies, various varieties of meat and fish products, as well as pickles, compotes, medicinal herbs from Nakhchivan nature were presented to the festival participants. Nakhchivan’s rich culinary culture has historically stimulated the development of dried fruits in this area. The family farms indroduced  dried cherry, plum, apricot, mulberry, and other fruits.

The modern infrastructure created in the villages of the autonomous republic, the opportunities for free marketing of the produced products and the financial support provided considerable interest in this area. Nowadays, 87 villages of the autonomous republic have large family farms, mostly engaged in agriculture, poultry, beekeeping, horticulture and agriculture. Entrepreneurship Support Fund provided state financial support to 10  family farms in the past priod. All of these open up opportunities for the development of family farming, provision of the domestic market with quality domestic products as well as the export of produced products.

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis viewed the production container intended for the development of family farms.

It was stated that the container provided with 4 staffs is intended for cheese production. The production line has been constructed in the container, necessary equipments and a refrigerator are installed to keep finished goods. This will allow the production of high-quality and varied packed cheese, meeting the requirements of the standards.

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis said that further support would be provided to the development of family farms, to perfect production processes in farms on scientific basis and industrial way, focusing on product appearance and packaging, receiving of orders for each region and installation of containers for production profile, and gave assignments on the preparation and implementation of the Action Plan for the development of family farms.

The festival continued on November 19, and the contest was held among the participants in the nomination “The Best Product”.

Nakhchivan State Philharmony collective performed a concert program featuring thousands of city residents and tourists.

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Date: 20-07-2018
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