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The film "The day passed" demonstrated in Shahbuz region

The Nakhchivan State Film Fund presented the film "The day passed" within the framework of Azerbaijan Cinema Day to the people at the Shahbuz Region "Araz" cinema on March 7.

Before the film, Mirakif Seyidov, the director of the Nakhchivan State Film Fund, said that national leader Heydar Aliyev always paid great attention to the development of our national cinema. The development and innovation, progress and quality changes in our cinema have been possible thanks to the exceptional service of this genius personality.

Azerbaijan cinema, will be 120-year-old next year, has passed the trials of history honorably. There were difficult years in our cinema history but nevertheless, our cinema has had cultural events, sustained history of our people, national traditions and values, and had become favorite art, penetrating all areas of our lives.

It was noted that in 1970-1980s, the historical films included in the golden fund of our culture, the unforgettable pages of our cinema chronicle and the other outstanding works have been screened. A number of our national films have been awarded state awards in these years and got awards at international film festivals and competitions.

Today, the work done by our national leader for the development of cinema is being successfully continued by Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of the country. The head of state approved "The State Program on the development of Azerbaijani cinema for 2008-2018" by the Decree dated August 4, 2008.

Then, "The day passed" filmed in 1971 was demonstrated. The film, produced by the film studio "Azerbaijanfilm" named after Jafar Jabbarli, is about the failed love of two young people. The plot is based on the fate and relationship of these two characters. The film also reflects the mood of the characters and as well as Baku. At first, it seems that Asmar (Leyla Shikhlinskaya) is happy; she has a diplomat husband, a daughter and friends. She has impressions of exciting travel. In the past, perhaps all these were fun, but gradually lost their favors. Because Asmar still cannot find her own place in life as some of our young people...

Woman and man, who remember their sincere feelings for each other during their childhood, are unable to get back this relationship. Comparison of past and future, old and new. A past love story presented in the pursuit of the past and "space". The film featuring "comeback" scenes in special frames adds a nostalgic feeling to people.

The film has a philosophical ending: it is impossible to live only with the past and childhood memories, everyone should has a future. The desire to reform her life and make concessions in the soul of Asmar, who separates from Ogtay (Hasan Mammadov), is even stronger. At the end of the film, reflects only one day of life, a bit unusual but less different than the other days, both characters - Ogtay and Asmar think hard and make a conclusion.

The director of the film is Arif Babayev, the screenwriter is Anar Rzayev, the operator is Rasim Ismayilov and the composer is Emin Sabitoghlu. The main roles are played by Leyla Shikhlinskaya and Hasan Mammadov.

The film "The day passed" was welcomed by the public.

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Date: 20-03-2019
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