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Sanjay Rana: "Industry, agriculture and private sector are rapidly developing in the autonomous republic"

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to Azerbaijan Sanjay Rana visited the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan on May 31. The diplomat got acquainted with the educational, cultural, historical monuments and sightseeing places of the autonomous republic during his visit lasted until June 3.

"Alinjagala" historical monument and museum restored according to the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated February 11, 2014 were of great interest to the ambassador. The guest was informed that Alinjagala has more than two thousand years history. The castle was one of the main residents of the local rulers of the I-VI centuries and was formed as a fortress-city. It resisted the troops of Amir Teymur for 14 years. The walls, towers and entrance gates, ancient settlements, farm buildings, water basins and tandirs (oven made of clay in a hole in the earth), trenches and protection sites were restored without changing the previous form. The castle walls and towers have an ancient traces of Nakhchivan architectural school.

During the visit to the Gulustan Tomb located in Julfa region, ambassador of the Indian Republic to Azerbaijan was informed that the Gulustan Tomb of world significance was restored on scientific and historical basis in accordance with the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated 7 October 2015. The restoration of the tomb is of great importance in terms of promoting the centuries-old history and cultural heritage of our people and handing them down the next generations. The Gulustan Tomb belonging to the XII century is distinguished with its architectural solutions and geometrical ornaments among the historical monuments of our country. Therefore, during the restoration of the tomb, special attention was paid to every detail and the originality of the monument was preserved. Thus, the Gulustan Tomb was regenerated.

During his acquaintance with the "Ashabi-Kahf Sanctuary" Religious and Cultural Monument Complex, the ambassador was extremely interested in the mysterious history of Ashabi-Kahf.

Sanjay Rana has also been to the climate-resort zone Batabat. It was noted that at the Shahbuz State Nature Reserve, covering 3,139 hectares in the Batabat pasture area at an altitude of 2450 meters above sea level, currently 32 species of wild animals, 127 species of birds and 1580 species of plants are protected. The ambassador was closely involved with the lakes in Batabat. It was noted that these hydrological monuments consist of 3 water basins. Total water capacity is approximately 3 million cubic meters. Well-known Floating Island, Zorbulag is also here.

Aghbulag Recreation Center created as a result of the initial activities carried out in the field of rural tourism in our country has made a good impression on the guest. It was noted that it was put into operation in 2013. The center consists of 2 residential and cafeteria buildings with a 3.5 hectare area. There are 38 rooms in the two-storied buildings of 56-bedrooms.

Then the visit of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to our country Sanjay Rana to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has ended.

Ambassador Sanjay Rana gave an interview to the newspaper "Sharg Gapisi" and spoke about his impressions about Nakhchivan. The diplomat said: - The main purpose of my visit is to develop our bilateral relations, cultural, educational and economic cooperation. We want the development of mutual relations in all areas. During my visit to the autonomous republic I had some high-level meetings. At these meetings we discussed the development of bilateral cooperation. I will do my best to develop bilateral relations.

"Industrial, agricultural and private sectors are rapidly developing in the autonomous republic. In short, the economy of Nakhchivan is developing day by day", - said Sanjay Rana, adding that all historical monuments in the autonomous republic have been restored perfectly. His favorite one was the historical monument "Alinjagala". Because the restoration of the monument which is located at the height is surprising for everyone. Speaking about this, the ambassador said: "I visit Alinjagala for the first time. The castle, which has very ancient history, has been given a new life and has been restored. This is a very interesting and an ideal place for tourists to see an ancient history and spectacular view. I am very glad that my family came here with me. I mostly enjoy climbing the stairs. I express my gratitude for the attention and welcome.



"Sharg Gapisi" Newspaper

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Date: 17-01-2021
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