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Participants of the International Drawing Festival

They shared numerous posts about Nakhchivan

Last week's IV International Drawing Festival "Nakhchivan - Cradle of Humanity" was remembered with valuable works drawn there. The history, modern life, culture of the ancient land, as well as being the capital of the Islamic Culture are the main themes of these works.

The artists invited to the festival interested in visiting the sights of Nakhchivan. It is possible to see it in their posts on social network after returning to their homeland. These posts show the impressions of visits to the interesting places of Nakhchivan.

Turkish artist Nilufer Inaltong shared photos taken when they were in the Nakhchivangala, Artists' Park named after Bahruz Kangarli, Bahruz Kangarli Museum, Carpet Museum, Ashabi-Kahf Sanctuary, Nakhchivan State History Museum, Exhibition Hall of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Artists' Union and Ajami Space.

Diana Arslanova from Bashkiria shared her memories about Heydar Aliyev Museum, Ashabi-Kahf Sanctuary, Nakhchivangala, Momina Khatun Tomb, Ajami Space, Artists' Park named after Bahruz Kangarli and Carpet Museum.

The post of Polish artist Yekaterina Zyzak is more interesting. She shared the photo of the Garabaghlar tomb and also used it as a cover photo for her profile.

Another art master Dagestani artist Patimat Guseynova who participated in the festival shared her impressions on Garabaghlar Tomb, Momina Khatun, Carpet Museum and Nakhchivangala with her friends.

The posts of Georgian artists Lela Geleishvili, Lia Shvelidze and Ketevan Basilashvili are also interesting in their quantity and content. Thus, these three artists, in general, shared about 250 photos, and were able to made a great impression on their friends about the sights of Nakhchivan.

As it is seen from these posts, Nakhchivan is of great interest to people visiting the ancient land both with its nature, cultural development and historical richness.


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