The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

Azerbaijan enables tourists to

come to our country.

Heydar Aliyev





Rural tourism is the most profitable type of meaningful recreation

Many people wish to rest in villages to spend meaningful spare time  in hot summer days. Now, there are people who spend much money to travel far countries besides to rest in the villages situated at one-two hours' distance. In this sense, rural tourism which has gained popularity in developed countries increases interest in Azerbaijan including Nakhchivan.  The rich natural tourism resources and renovated infrastructure are the main factors creating conditions for this.

No doubt that cool weather of remote mountainous villages is the real tourism motive for city residents in hot summer days. Actually, there is natural coolness in the mountainous villages while air conditioners work in the city day and night. One who spends interesting time while drinking cold water in the villages, resting in the shadows of green gardens, looks forward to come this place again. This time not alone but his family and friends.

At present, the development of rural tourism is in the spotlight in the autonomous republic. Thus, this tourism type is of great importance to use resources of villages, to provide employment of population. The conducted educative measures have yielded fruits in this field. Now, many city residents spend their holiday in rented houses of the villages.

Rural tourism is an active tourism type organized in village areas which distinguishes for the life style, welfare and  work from the city life. This also a subtype of ecotourism. Paying services are offered in rural tourism: accommodation, food, trip, entertainment, guides, trade, transport and other services like this are good income sources for the residents.

Rural tourism is very profitable from the stand point of economy. There are no other difficulties in organizing this tourism type comparing with the other tourism types. For instance, there is no need for visa, reservation, and local people should not know foreign language. There is no security problems as well. In addition, villagers who rent one part of their yards or houses and provide food service for tourists, get good income. Today, the renovated infrastructure condition developing in the villages, the wellness of house-welfare conditions of them by the increase of income of population are the main factors here. No doubt that although the exotic character of the villages for city residents, the extra-ordinary attractive landscapes of villages, interesting traditions, cuisine samples prepared with ecologically fresh and unique menu are the main motives, modern accommodation conditions are also considered main causes. The measures in the direction of reducing main  difference between the life style of city and village carried out by the state have created a good grounding for the organization of city comfort in villages.

Rural tourism is a seasonal tourism and there is no need any strict promotion work for its organization. Now, the created conditions in the villages are the main promotion factors. For good promotion it is enough to share information about village houses on internet, to put any connecting number. There is no need to promote the national hospitality of  our villages.

Simple village environment, the primitive but clean and nice life style of villages, the silence which quite differs from the city life, cold springs as ice, year-round fruits, interesting farm work and so on are main attractive elements of the villages.

The social life of our villages is rich and interesting too. Therefore, besides the necessary accommodation, food and other services of the villagers for the tourists, the other professional services are met with great interest. The tourists cannot forget their impressions for a long time who live with the busy life of the village which starts at 5 o'clock in the morning and lasts till the evening. The intensive life in the evenings in the villages is looks like a fairy-tale for the kids from cities. The new acquaintance with the children from the villages are windfall for the children from the cities. It is necessary for the children to live with the village children in the rich social life of the village which is in harmony with the nature, in the lap of nature, without electronic devices who spend much of their time in front of computers and mobile phones in many periods of the year. As well as rural tourism is very valuable for the old to get rich recreation in the villages.

The development perspectives of rural tourism is high in the autonomous republic. Since last year, educative measures have been held in Ordubad, Shahbuz and other regions for the development of this useful tourism type. There is information about the houses for rent situated in the mountainous villages of the autonomous republic on the website of Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center. Tourists can easily rent these houses to rest in the beautiful villages of Nakhchivan.


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