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Nakhchivan-Garabaghlar tourism route

The tourism resources and excellent infrastructure which enable us to make tour programs for each tourist group traveling to Nakhchivan offer favorable condition for organizing interesting and unique tourism routes from Nakhchivan city to Sharur, Kangarli, Shahbuz, Julfa and Ordubad. Nakhchivan-Garabaghlar tourism route like Nakhchivan-Batabat, Nakhchivan-Ashabi-Kahf, Nakhchivan-Ordubad, Nakhchivan-Alinja and others used by local people and foreign tourists attracts their attention.

Nakhchivan-Garabaghlar tourism route is one of the routes that used year-round due to its geological location, climatic conditions and resources. Tourists can move from Nakhchivan to Garabaghlar and back starting from Nakhchivan city either through Givrag settlement, Yurdchu, Garabaghlar or Tazakand and Chalkhangala. The tour may last from several hours to the day-long, it depends on the number of tourist and the motive of the tour. At present, tourist can travel about 40 kilometers from Nakhchivan to Garabaghlar village by car or minibuses within an hour. Comfortable and safe road conditions are one of the most important factors of modern tourism. In addition, tourists have access to modern shopping and catering facilities and 4G mobile internet services during the tour. Tourist may also observe contemporary living conditions in the region and the socio-cultural infrastructure that create conditions for developing living standards of the population.

Nakhchivan-Garabaghlar tourism route is relatively new but great white hope destination of the autonomous republic. The route is mostly attractive for tourists who want to feel history, culture, modernity and nostalgia altogether. Undoubtedly, the most interesting destination on the route for tourists is the Garabaghlar Tomb Complex, the prominent example of ancient architectural school of Azerbaijan. The tomb complex, dated to the XII-XIV centuries, is one of the most spectacular monuments. Throughout centuries, when people who travel to the East saw this monument, they wanted to get acquainted with the greatness of this region.

Our autonomous republic is the land of ancient monuments. While giving information about such monuments to tourists, it is essential to note the fact that they are directly linked to the history of the statehood of Azerbaijan. When tourists get acquainted with the monuments in Nakhchivan, they are closely interested in the traces of city culture, get the ideas about economic and military power of the ancient states of Azerbaijan and the development of culture here. In this sense, the Garabaghlar Tomb Complex should be presented as a passport of the Azerbaijani states that existed during the period of its construction. The restoration of Garabaghlar Tomb Complex also serves to preserve this identity and hand down the next generations.

Urban culture of this ancient land will attract the attention of tourists when we give information about this village. In "Travel book" by Turkish traveler Ovliya Chalabi, it was mentioned that Garabaghlar had a typical urban life of the middle ages with 50 thousand population, 10 thousand houses, 70 mosques, 40 minarets and caravansaries, bath-house, market at that time. It means that tourists will learn that it was not a village but a city.

Tourists, while seeing the exhibits demonstrated in the Garabaghlar Tomb Complex which prove the economical-cultural relations of this village with Rome and Byzantine empires, its geographical-historical importance, knowing the relations with Tabriz, Samargand, Baghdad, the scientific, cultural, education centers of the middle ages, will not be able to hide their surprise.

Tourists who interested in history can also learn that the territory of Garabaghlar was in the historical places like Damlama, Dubak, Galajig and spread out Tananam village of Sharur region while traveling on this route. Tourists will also know that in the Garabaghlar madrasas (religious schools) as in other typical developed Azerbaijan cities, children were taught Math, astrology subjects, the architectural monuments based on complicated mathematical sums and astronomical knowledge were created. Tourists who see the modern appearance of the village will get acquainted with Suleymanli, Baydilli, Aghahasanli, Jighalli, Almadadli, Turabkhanli, Haji Bakhshalilar neighborhoods that preserve its history and will get information about the life style of the people living here.

Tourists who get general information about Garabaghlar village with more than 1200 houses, 7 thousand people, they will find out that all these are not accidental when they get acquainted with Garabaghlar Tomb Complex closely, the final point of the route. The Garabaghlar Tomb Complex, one of the rare examples of the Turkish-Islamic culture restored on scientific and historical bases, is a continuation of the architectural school of Ajami Nakhchivan, when it is presented to tourists like as an example of the outstanding architect Ahmed Nakhchivani, our statehood heritage and cultural treasury, in reality, they will also have a virtual imagination about renovated historical and cultural monuments in modern Nakhchivan. Thus, closely acquaintance with Garabaghlar Tomb Complex, built by the order of the Gudi khatin, the wife of Hulaki khan of the Elkhani ruler, is a precious treasure to give detailed information about the economic power of the medieval Azerbaijani states, cultural life, respect for women to foreign tourists, especially European and American tourists.  In addition to the tomb and minarets belonging to this treasure complex, it has also been enriched with valuable exposition materials exhibited in the khanagah. We believe that we will be able to get acquainted this historic monument with foreigners more fully by taking advantage of modern tourism opportunities.

The Nakhchivan-Garabaghlar tourist route is currently undergoing development. Undoubtedly, it is possible to organize this route even more efficiently, using the power of skilled cadres and the use of modern technology. These opportunities create favorable opportunities for better recognition and promotion of every inch of our Nakhchivan native land - its stone, land, springs, herbs, flowers, and living things in Garabaghlar. Let's not miss these opportunities!

Ali Jabbarov

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Date: 20-10-2020
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