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The foundation of Agbulag Skiing Center was laid

Agbulag village of Shahbuz region has extensive tourism potential. Favorable natural-geographical conditions allow the development of many types of tourism here. A complex work is being carried out to develop rural and mountain-ski tourism in Agbulag in accordance with “The State Program on Tourism Development in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 2018-2022”, approved by the Order of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated 31 January 2018.

On July 17, foundation of Agbulag ski center was laid in the village. The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov reviewed the project of the center.

It was informed that the mountain ski slopes with a total length of 1500 meters and a width of 30 meters, cable car, ski school, entertainment and children's parks, artificial snow making systems will be established in the center. The main infrastructure of the center is cable car. The altitude difference between the start and end stop of the   cable car will be 267 meters which is 952 meters in length. There will be 58 seats in the cable car, each with 4 seats, which will serve more than 1,000 people per hour. 231-meter conveyor lines will be created in entertainment and children's parks, as well as in the starting area. 26 fixed and 2 moveable artificial snow making systems will be installed to ensure the required snow cover. Also conditions will be created for recreation of tourists in the area, service areas will be put into operation.

Construction work will be carried out on the basis of the project of the French company "MND", which has great experience in the field of mountain-skiing centers. Company engineer Xavier Goya said natural conditions for mountain skiing development are crucial factors. The relief and climatic features of the area provide opportunities for it. This factor was taken as the basis for designing the project. The company has been implementing a project to create ski resorts in many countries around the world for 35 years.

Then the foundation of the center was laid by the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov and engineer of the French company "MND" Xavier Goya.

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis gave instructions that the quality factor and conforming of the engineering and technical requirements, not doing damage to nature and protecting the greenery are the main points while conducting construction work.

On the same day, the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis was also interested in other activities in the field of tourism development in Agbulag village.

It was noted that complex work is carried out in Agbulag, the first rural tourism settlement of autonomous republic. From this year, all the roofs in the village are replaced, the façade is refurbished, useless buildings are destroyed, the yards are renovated and fenced, necessary utility facilities are created. New farms are built outside of the residential area. Implemented activities, rich natural tourism resources and modern social infrastructure create ideal conditions for rural tourism in Agbulag.

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis visited the renovated village houses and met the residents.

Aghbulag village executive branch spokesman Matlab Mammadov thanked on the behalf of the residents saying that the village of Agbulag lives its modern development period. Complex construction work and conditions created in the village are welcomed by the residents. As a result of the situation created, the settlement has significantly increased. Now Agbulag is a tourism village. Residents will have a good income by renting their home to tourists and providing them with daily food products. All this has been estimated to improve the welfare of the rural population. Every resident tries to make contribution.

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis gave instructions on the continuation of the renovation works carried out in the village, the efficient use of the conditions and the subbotniks in the autumn.

Press Service of the Supreme Majlis of

 Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

  "Sharg gapisi" newspaper


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Date: 31-07-2021
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