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Mutsuko Hasegawa: “If you can come to Azerbaijan, we recommend you go to Nakhchivan”

Japan citizens Ucidate Saki and Mutsuko Hasegawa visited Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on 28-29 July. They visited Alinjagala, Gazanchi bridge, Momina khatin and Yusif Kuseyir oghlu tombs, Nakhchivangala, State Carpet Museum, Duzdagh, Garabaghlar Tomb Complex and “Ashabi-Kahf Sanctuary” Religious-Cultural Monument Complex. The roads to the rural villages, the cleanness of Nakhchivan city, in particular, the restoration of historical monuments made good impressions on the Japanese tourists.

After returning their country Mutsuko Hasegawa shared photos of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on “Facebook” social network and wrote “Hidden gems of sightseeing in Azerbaijan”. He also posted the new video prepared related to the autonomous republic on “Youtube” social network.

He writes: “Nakhchivan is an enclave of Azerbaijan bordering Armenia, Iran and Turkey. I visited Nakhchivan for the first time. It was wonderful than I imagined. Nakhchivan is a beautiful area rich in cultural heritage. People have overcome the turmoil of the XIX and XX centuries and recently began restoring the historical heritage.

If you can come to Azerbaijan, we recommend that you go to Nakhchivan”.

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Date: 25-10-2020
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