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Invaluable tourism destination for all seasons - Shahbuz

Shahbuz, nature beauty of our autonomous republic, is a region attracting tourists with a fascinating view in all seasons. Thanks to the construction work carried out in recent years, the region has improved, modernized and become a real tourism destination. It has wonderful landscape in spring, miracles in winter, smell of flowers in summer, plenty of fruit in winter. Having 140 registered historical-cultural monuments in the region and being 6 of them world-importance attract tourists' attention. The geographical location of the region offers great opportunity for the development of ecotourism, rural, treatment, winter and other types of tourism. Guests and tourists visiting Shahbuz once again come back here to see these beauties, observe its landscapes that are harmonious with each other in each season.

Batabat is beauty of nature

God created Batabat which has snowy peaks and green foothills, rocks, colorful meadows, springs with fresh water as if a tourism destination. The unique shades of tulips, daffodils and violets in meadows and slopes on the background of all the shades of green fascinate everyone in spring. The smell of flowers at the altitude of hundreds of meters above the sea level is incomparable with any beautiful perfume.

Batabat is not only nature beauty but also a place of historical monuments. Farhad house, which is located on the ancient caravan road and used as a hotel, caves that each of them is history, and Batabat Astrophysics observatory to observe celestial objects - all of them increase the interest of both foreign and local tourists.

Although it was difficult to come to this beautiful plain due to ruined roads, Batabat once again attracted its guests with its attractiveness in the following years. As a result of construction work carried out in our autonomous republic, even roads to Batabat have been improved. In the past the trip from the center of the region to Batabat lasted 45 minutes, but now it is only 15-20 minutes. Even if you start your trip to Batabat early in the morning, you won't find any place for parking when you arrive there because of many tourists. This is the best place for summer tourism in the autonomous republic. Nakhchivan people both rest there themselves and welcome their dear guests in this fascinating nature.

It is not just a place of rest, but also a source of provision of the people of this place. You can see many people who pick mushrooms, rumex, alayaz, heracleum, thyme, immortelle, chamomile, salep, orthosiphon in spring. People who visit Batabat don't return with nothing. They either return with a wreath made of flowers, or a flower bouquet or the herbs we mentioned above. People consider these as a recreation and fun. Because they don't tired in the clean weather.

The role of the Batabat plain in the quality of the well-known Shahbuz is indisputable. Beekeepers of Shahbuz place the bee boxes in the plain and "charge" the bees to produce honey. Everyone who taste that honey knows it has a floral aroma, a rose taste.

The rest in Batabat is so enjoyable so you don't realize when the sun set. When the weather gets darker, it is time to come back and you think, "I wish I could stay here for a while". In that case, don't worry. Because there is the "Batabat" hotel-restaurant with all facilities for the convenience of tourists coming to Batabat. Here, it is worth to stay here and watch the fascinating view at sunset.

“Floating island”   is also an island stiffing the spirit

The nature displayed the next miracle of it and created “Floating island” which is inimitable in the world. This miracle world is an island to quiet one’s spirit. The island in the center of the lake surrounded with green meadows and soaked this greenery into its water is an unique presentation of the nature: if the dismal sound of springs, ringing melodies of flowing rivers stiffen the spirit, the “Floating island” with its silent melody provides a sense of moral comfort for people who are hurrying from home to work, from work to home around the year in annoying cities.

Those who took photos in the background of the “Floating island” last year, will see it in the other direction this year. It seems as if the nature invites people to see the beauties of surrounded areas of the lake with its wind by taking photos.

Zorbulag “calls”: come and see me

Zorbulag was created with a miracle which is unknown for the nature as well. Those who saw, admired its beauty, could not keep their hands in cold water much, heard dismal song of the pure water, know what I am talking about. It is Zorbulag. I speak about the gift of the nature getting a source from the highlands of Batabat, the area of beauties and ended in the spring.  It is impossible not to see Zorbulag when come Batabat. It means you have not visited Batabat. It means “you have not read the miracle work” of God. That is why everyone who visits Batabat goes to Zorbulag at the end of their trip, watch it as spaciousness, drink from the water, listen to the "whisper" of the drifting waves at the moment when the fountain flows into the Batabat lake. To watch how the spring water feeds the living beings in the lake for hours, gives moral comfort to visitors.

Bichanak, Kechili, Kuku, Nursu, Aghbulag

Every inch of Shahbuz is favorable for tourism. In spring and summer, in the yards of the houses you feel the air of Batabat here. Therefore, every resident says: My yard looks like Batabat.

Bichanak, Kechili, Kuku, Nursu, Aghbulag villages of the region which road infrastructure has been renovated resemble paradise in a true sense of the word.

Bichanak is situated near Batabat. This village which located in the lap of cloudy mountains is a real tourism destination. The cool weather that comes from the famous Bichanak forest provides splendid rest for the guests who “escaped” from hot weather in July-August. Evenings are very cold in Bichanak. The fresh and high quality animal-produces, vegetables are very delicious.

The beauties of Jamal fortress, Chingilli spring in Kechili, Ganligol, Darabogaz, Pirdara in Kuku make people stop and watch. These villages, which are in the greenery, are the ideal source for relaxation with their weather, water. 

Nursu village, modernized countryside, is a hospitable place. It is the native land of our favorite poet Mammad Araz. The house-museum established here is a favorable destination of tourists in all seasons of the year. The house-museum of the poet who said once “May be I will not come this place again, good bye the mist, good bye the fog” and bid farewell his native land, attracts attention of hundreds of tourists to come to foggy-misty Nursu.

Located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, Aghbulag is a very attractive countryside with its beautiful nature, amazing landscape. The recreation center which began to operate in 2013 has stimulated the development of tourism in the village. In accordance with the “State Program related to the development of tourism in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 2018-2022” approved by the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated January 31, 2018, complex measures are being carried out for the development of rural and mountain-skiing tourism in Aghbulag, the first settlement in which rural tourism is applied. The foundation for the establishment of Skiing Center in Aghbulag village is an indicator for the development of both summer and winter tourism in the village.

Several measures are being implemented in the field of development of tourism in the village. Thus, all the roofs of the houses in the village are changed, facades are renovated, useless buildings are destroyed, the yards are renovated and fenced in the village, necessary communal conditions are created. New buildings are being constructed outside of the village. The implemented measures, rich natural tourism resources and modern social infrastructure create ideal conditions for the tourism in Aghbulag.

The residents of the mentioned villages offer houses for tourists which meet their requirements.

Come and see…

We can talk about the natural beauties of Shahbuz for hours which each season has its own charm there. Those who visited and liked this place, visit this place again next year. And they share with their relatives what they have seen there. We wrote this article for people to come to see this place who have not seen yet. It is very different to see the unique nature and to rest in the lap of nature visually. Just at this moment you understand the grace of nature for people…

                                                                        Matanat MAMMADOVA

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28.07. 2018

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