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"National Clothes Festival" will be organized in Nakhchivan

According to the press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, "National Dress Festival" will be held at the "Nakhchivangala" Historical-Architectural Museum Complex on September 8.

The festival will include a mobile exhibition of national clothes exhibited in museums in the autonomous republic, as well as an exhibition of national clothes of our people. 40 pieces of clothing will be displayed at the exhibition.

Handicrafts made by artisans will be demonstrated at the exhibition-sale.

The exhibition titled "National clothes on the stage of Nakhchivan theater" will include our national clothes used at various theater plays, the other one titled "National clothes in the eyes of artists" will feature paintings and photographs of national clothes at the museums, and the paintings of national clothes by contemporary artists of Nakhchivan. The exhibition titled "Our national clothes in the eyes of children" will include drawings of national clothes by pupils of children's musical, art and crafts schools of the autonomous republic, as well as acquaintance with the drawings and handicrafts by the members of the out-of-school associations. The exhibition titled "National clothes in films" will feature photographs of the films reflecting our people's clothing, as well as the dresses used in the shooting of Azerbaijani films at the Nakhchivan State Film Fund Museum.

One of the most interesting corners of the festival will be the show of compositions reflecting the traditions and clothes of our people.


Those who come to the festival will get acquainted with the smithy, grocery, hatter's and jeweler's shop, shoe repair shop, and visit the tea-house at the composition "Market".

The composition "Traditions and national clothes" will also be interesting. Participants will get acquainted with exhibition and sale of  clothes, headgears and accessories made by housewives, as well as books and periodical press materials in the exhibition of printing products on national clothes.

An exhibition of souvenirs and handicrafts depicting national ornaments, as well as a demonstration of palace gowns of the khanate period will also be of interest to the audience.

The ministry also reported that one of the corners to attract attention in the festival will be an exhibition of dolls in national clothes of Azerbaijan and friendly nations. There will be an exhibition of dolls in national clothes prepared by young talent Sabira Mammadova. It is also planned bringing 2 palanquins and taking photos on them in national clothes.

It should be noted that folk songs by Ancient Musical Instruments Ensemble of Nakhchivan State Philharmonic, folk dances and yalli by dance groups of Nakhchivan State Children's Philharmonic, "Sharur" Folk Yalli Ensemble and "Sharur Buds" Children's Yalli Ensemble will be performed at the festival.

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Date: 25-10-2020
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