The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

Azerbaijan enables tourists to

come to our country.

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Walking around this land, watching its beauty revives the soul and gratifies people

Tourists coming to our autonomous republic think so.

The magnificent patterns of the ancient Nakhchivan land, which is centuries-old, spread to the spiritual world of people, the poets cannot conceal their admiration for these beauties, they write poems and sing songs for our country. Our native land, which grows day by day, also has great tourism potential. Here are some important steps towards the development of tourism. Tourists are welcomed and meet a high level of service and friendly attitude. This, naturally, results in a yearly increase in the number of people who come to our native land. During the six months of the current year 195 thousand 886 tourists arrived in Nakhchivan, which means 391 more people compared to the corresponding period of last year.

Listening to foreigners' thoughts about the wonderful nature, history and magnificent development of ancient Nakhchivan undoubtedly creates a sense of pride in each of us.

Our ancient land is visited in all seasons of the year. Sometimes we visit tourism destinations, meet guests, and learn about their impressions on Nakhchivan. The opinions of people we talked to in recent days were also interesting.

Arsakul Sadirkulova, a citizen of Kazakhstan is a guest of the ancient land for the second time. She said:

- I remember my first trip to Nakhchivan three years ago. I had a great impression on the ancient land during the visit. Especially I admired the historical places of this place. So, when I was in the Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary, I found the answer to the most interesting question to me. Until that day, I knew a number of places in that name around the world. However, there are many different features of these places with the place mentioned in Holy Koran. During my acquaintance with the ancient city, I found the sacred place that I was searching for many years. And on that day I promised that, God willing, I would return to Nakhchivan once again, and visit the Ashabi-Kahf. I am glad that my dream came true. This time I came with my family so they could feel the miracle of this place very closely. Nakhchivan is a neat, clean and flourishing place. The stability and law attract my attention. If a city develops, first of all it is possible due to the peace. Every day in some cities around the world, people are faced with illegalities and arbitrariness. But in Nakhchivan, wheresoever people greet you politely and see you off with hospitability.

These ideas is because of an interesting event happened to me here. I would like to tell you about it. Recently, I entered a store and ordered the products that I would buy. A shop assistant gladly packed them into the bag and presented the receipt for my money through the cash register. At that moment I had a call on my phone and I had to leave there. I moved away a little, then I heard a voice and when I turned back I saw that shop assistant:

- Lady, please, you forgot it at the store, - he said, and gave the purse to me.

I was very pleased with it and spoke about it to my friends. Frankly, most of them did not believe it. But this is what happened and I am very glad that I am a guest of a land where such law and order, cultural and moral values ​​dominate.

Another interlocutor, Irina Vladimirovna, who lives in Kiev, came to Nakhchivan to cure her child. During the conversation, with joy, she said:

For a parent, the most precious blessing in the world is a child. God blessed me with this sweetness. However, my son has been diagnosed with bronchial asthma. Although we visited a number of treatment facilities, we could not cure this illness. Then, through social networks, I found out that there is a Duzdag Physiotherapy Center in Nakhchivan where the same disease is being treated. To be honest, I was sceptical about the accuracy of the information. Because there are similar places in my homeland. Although we took those places, we could not see the positive effect of the treatment. After communicating with the people who recovered at the Duzdag Physiotherapy Center in Nakhchivan, I had hope. Immediately, I came to your republic. I would also say that a few days before I came here, my son's health was even worse. We came and witnessed this divine miracle. Although we are here for three days, positive results have been achieved.

I think there is not anything interesting than the health of her child for a mother.

There are enough people in my homeland who suffer from bronchial asthma. I will inform them about it at first. By the way, I must say that we are served well at “Duzdag” hotel. I had the opportunity to visit interesting places of your land. You have rich history, interesting monuments. Momuna khatin and Prophet Noah’s tombs, really, fascinated me. It is very delightful to taste delicious meals of Nakhchivan cuisine. I plan to visit Nakhchivan very often.

Vusala Aliyeva who lives in Baku often visits Nakhchivan. She says this land gave her a new life. From her conversation:

Although I have been treated for a long time from the bronchial asthma that I was caught long ago, no positive results were achieved.   In February 2013 my health went worse and I came to Nakhchivan with a hope. When I came to Duzdag Physiotherapy Center I felt comfort in my lungs and easiness in my breath.  It made me so happy. It is the fifth time that I visit Nakhchivan and I had the opportunity to see the interesting places of Nakhchivan during past years. Whatever places of ancient land I visited I met the historical-cultural monuments, charming nature landscapes. God showed generosity to this land, turned it into paradise. The nature of the ancient land makes people to be absorbed in thought. One admires the charming beauties. As to me, the ancient history, modern development and hospitality enables Nakhchivan to attract more tourists. The historical monuments which reflect the history of people here, the cultural facilities preserving our spiritual heritage, nature landscapes which bestow calmness to people, the modern buildings with national architectural elements, the clean, wide, restored streets here fascinated me. In a word, to see Nakhchivan, to watch the magnificent beauties rests the spirit of people.

We came to a conclusion from the conversations of the guests that the successful policy in the direction of tourism development yields its fruits year by year.

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Date: 25-10-2020
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