The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

Azerbaijan enables tourists to

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Marvelous region of our land-Shahbuz

While writing this writing I remembered an article I had read before. The article stated that budget of some developed countries in the world is formed on the basis of tourism incoming. At first, it did not seem me as a reliable fact. My later researches made me believe the fact. The state care shown to the development of the tourism in our country, the promotion of the autonomous republic from the stand point of tourism potential which is rich in over ground and underground resources are the main factors. The incoming is the other point… It is reality of today that different regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan have become most visited destination of tourists.

It is very prideful that Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic occupies one of the leader places in these regions. It is not a secret that each region of the autonomous republic is in luxury in accordance with the large scale construction work in our ancient land. Each of them is a vital sample of modern Azerbaijan region. Among these destinations Shahbuz occupies a special place. Shahbuz is one the favorable destination with its natural and charming beauties. It is connected with several factors. We must note that the region which consists of one town, one settlement and 23 villages, besides Shahbuz city and Badamli settlement, large villages like Kolani, Kuku, Bichanak, Badamli, Kulus as well as other villages fascinate people who visit these places. All villages have been provided with well-built roads. Complex construction work has been carried out even in the most remote villages, new buildings have been constructed for education, culture, health, communication and other infrastructures, their material-technical base has been strengthen. The condition created for the development of entrepreneurs, agriculture has provided employment of people, as well as raised the living level.

The region located in the western slopes of Lesser Caucasia is surrounded mountains with high peaks. Kukudagh, Shishgatar, Bichanak pass, in the Zangazur chain Shapur, Salvarti, Kechaldagh, Uchgardash, Gonaggormez, Aghdaban mountains give Shahbuz marvelous appearance. Famous natural deposits, healing herbals, delicious fruits, mineral water are the natural resources of this land.

Dwelling places and grave monuments belonging to Eneolite, Bronze, Iron ages, Antic age and medieval ages tell about the ancient history of this place.

The great history of Shahbuz lives in these historical monuments. Farhad house located in the west from Bichanak village fascinates people visiting it. Different legends among the people related to Farhad house which belongs to the end of first millennium B.C and early of our millennium tells the tourists history of this land. Another vital nature monument is Galin gaya. The monument reflects the beliefs of Azerbaijani people become a stone.

There are other factors to consider the region a favorable place for tourism. One of them is the creation of a nature reserve in the region.

At present there are 32 species of wild animals, 127 species of birds, 1580 species of plants. As a result of the investigations, 111 species of rare and endangered plant species were identified in 80 species in 39 families.  Extinct animals include brown bear, Levant sparrowhawk, roe deer, lynx, from the rare plants annual mercury, eremurus, Vincetoxicum funebre and others.  

It is noteworthy that in order to preserve the ecological balance of the environment, the study of their reintroduction and bioecological features is carried out on a regular basis, taking into account the abundance of unique plant species present in the area and the possibility of future loss of these plants.

There are departments of Flora, Fauna and Ethnography in the Information Center created here. In the building there are examples of soil samples, ancient tools used in household, herbariums of herbs grown in the area, extracts of herbs, dried fruits and stuffed wild animals.

One of the factors contributing to modern tourism infrastructure in the district is a recreation center established in Agbulag village. It would be wrong to limit the importance of this center with the recreation services offered here. The Agbulag Recreation Center, which has been operating for several years now, also hosts social projects in the autonomous republic. This recreation center has also become an ideal place to spend leisure time of the young in the autonomous republic. According to the "State Program on Tourism Development in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 2018-2022" approved by the Order of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated January 31, 2018, the village of Aghbulag, the first settlement in which rural tourism is applied in the autonomous republic, complex work is being done to develop rural and mountain-skiing tourism. These measures, along with summer tourism, will also create favorable conditions for the development of winter tourism.

In the tourism potential of the Shahbuz, Batabat pasture occupies a special place. Batabat is, indeed, a monument of a fascinating nature. Its every inch is beautiful. Batabat is famous for its dense forests, rich biodiversity of plants and animals, landscapes, Zorbulag with its cold water, unique "Floating island". Each of the herbs, flowers, trees and shrubs that have human-healing properties here has a special value for tourists. Batabat is a favorite place for tourists, ecologists, nature lovers, schoolchildren, fans of bicycles or herbariums or just tourists. The natural structure of this area and the modern road infrastructure has created conditions for scientific research in Batabat. That's why Batabat Astrophysics Observatory is located here. Because geographical location and clean air are very convenient for researches at any time of the day.

It is the result of the tourism charm of the Shahbuz region that tourists come not only from our autonomous republic, but also from other parts of our country and from abroad.

We decided to visit Batabat on these days. What we've seen here has been so much more than we've heard. Despite the cool weather, there were enough people came to rest in Batabat. It should be noted that in recent years picking and selling of healing herbs in this area are organized and the swarms of bees from different regions of the autonomous republic were preserved.

Along with local citizens, we met guests from the brother country Turkey and Baku. We have interviewed Gurban Turan from Turkey. Gurban, who has been coming here with his family for several years, expressed his admiration for the mysterious beauty of the Batabat plain. He said he was satisfied with the orderliness. The road to Batabat has been improved to the most up-to-date standards. He emphasized that he was communicating quickly with people who lived there and said that he was from the Mediterranean region of Turkey, close to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. So it's not that difficult to come here. He liked to sit on a side and watch the "Floating island". This miracle of nature took him to its magic. He does not believe that he can see such a miracle anywhere else in the world.

Javad Hasanov, who came from Baku, said he traveled lots of countries around the world. He visited sanatoriums and resorts. The taste of Batabat  differa from any of those addresses. Shahbuz region, its beautiful villages, fresh air, water, healing herbs are the greatest gift of the God to this ancient land.

Summer tourism season is about to over. However, there are many people resting in Batabat. Along with local residents there are also some from our country's regions. Guests closely observe the current level of living in our region, and left here with good impressions on this address.


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Date: 25-10-2020
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