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Travelers shared videos and photos about Nakhchivan

The increasing number of foreign tourists traveling to the autonomous republic increases interesting travel experiences published in foreign media, official websites and social networks about this ancient city, with its ancient and rich history, unique modern way of development, marvelous nature and hospitable people.

Nigerian traveler Yoliandri Susilo has recently visited Alinjagala and shared a footage on his "Facebook" page. Nigerian guest emphasizes that this place is called "Machu-Picchu of Azerbaijan". "The castle is rebuilt on ruins. In the Middle Ages, it was the residence of the Atabegs dynasty and one of the strongest and biggest castles. Located in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan at the top of mountain slope. It takes 35-45 minutes to get to the castle. Many foreigners that had been tried to attack this fortress, including Amir Teymur, who lived in the 14th century, were failed" wrote Yuliandri Susilo in the social network. He also informed his followers about the mountains and the geographical position of Alinjagala.

The, owned by Kazakhstan's travel agency "Crovn-Travel", has posted extensive information on Duzdag cave and a video posted by Nakhchivan TV. He also stressed the therapeutic significance of Duzdag and said it is the most beneficial treatment center for post-Soviet countries. The list of Duzdag-treated diseases is also included here.

Instagram user Erol Akcan has shared photos of the city of Nakhchivan. The photographs titled "My Father's Land Nakhchivan" are reflected the building distinguished with their architectural style of Nakhchivan.

Lira Hassen from Kazakhstan noted on her "Instagram" page that she had come to Nakhchivan for the third time and received treatment in the famous Duzdag. The woman from Almaty who gives extensive information to her audience about the medical importance of Duzdag, calls it the miracle of God. She also shared photos of ancient historical monuments.

Yokt-Pirmattra, an "Instagram" user from Bangkok, posted an image of the Eastern bath-house in Nakhchivan, titled "Capital of Islamic Culture". Photographs showing different moments tell viewers about the ancient monument.

A short video on the Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary has been posted on Turkey's website. The user provides information about this unique religious sanctuary, which is mentioned in the "Holy Koran".

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