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The third "Beekeeping products - honey festival" will be held in Nakhchivan

NUHCHIKHAN reports that on 20 and 21 October "Beekeeping products-honey festival" will be held in Nakhchivan. The opening of the festival will take place on October 20 at 11:00. About 300 beekeepers are expected to attend the festival.

Nakhchivan with its clean air and rich flora has been widely spread in ancient times. Today, this sphere is being developed with the support of the state. At present, the number of bee families in the Autonomous Republic is more than 71,000.

Note that "Beekeeping products-honey festival" has been held in Nakhchivan for the third time in Nakhchivan. Up until now  “Nakhchivangala” Historical-Architectural Museum Complex has been hosted festivals such as "Goyja", "Plov", "Nakhchivan Bread", "Beekeeping products-honey", "Family farm products", "Yalli", "Creative hands", "Talented children", and "National clothes". Thousands of local people and foreign tourists watched these festivals.

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Date: 23-06-2021
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