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"Beekeeping products-honey festival" held in Nakhchivan

The third "Beekeeping products-honey festival" was held on October 20 at the Historical-Architectural Museum Complex "Nakhchivangala".

The announcers of the event informed the audience about the fact that our people were engaged in beekeeping and honey production before the era, and talked about folklore samples, proverbs and proverbial phrases on beekeeping.

Dean of the Medical Faculty of Nakhchivan State University, PhD in Biology, assistant professor Elsevar Asadov said that the geographical position, climate and flora of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic give opportunities for the development of agriculture, especially beekeeping. Therefore, the development of beekeeping is in focus. The importance of beekeeping is not only for the production of precious bee products, but also it plays a special role in increasing the employment of the population, the productivity of agricultural crops and the improvement of seed quality. Beekeeping is one of the most exciting, profitable, nutritionally and therapeutically good agricultural sphere in terms of food and treatment. Compared to other spheres of farms, cost of creating bee farms is less, repayment term is short, the economic development opportunities are wider.

It was noted that the "State Program for the development of beekeeping in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 2017-2022", approved by the Decree of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic dated November 18, 2016, provides concessional loans to beekeeping and giving beekeeping equipment to entrepreneurs by leasing, free provision of beekeepers with various medications against diseases, organization of production and sale of beekeeping equipment, creation of favorable conditions for sale of produced products make possible lots of opportunities for development of beekeeping in the autonomous republic. At present, the number of people engaged in beekeeping in the autonomous republic is increasing day by day. The production and sale of bee products has been shaped in line with the market economy.

Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov attended the festival and got acquainted with the exhibition-fair of Nakhchivan honey.

It was reported that there were 12,985 kilograms extracted honey, 3342 kilograms honeycomb honey, royal jelly, pollen, as well as medical extracts from bee products, wax creams, medicinal herbs, other products by 288 beekeepers from all districts of the autonomous republic at the festival. These products were packed with special items. Various sweets, vodka, wines, boiled juice and syrups made of honey were also offered to the festival participants.

Various beekeeping accessories were also shown at the festival. The festival creates an opportunity to exchange experiences among beekeepers and get acquainted with innovations in this area. Books and booklets published on beekeeping are of great importance in this area. Books and booklets were given to beekeepers.

It is noted that the honey produced in Gunnut, Havush, Tananam, Shahbulag, Tivi, Buzgov, Shurud, Aghbulag and other villages is distinguished by its taste, smell, appearance and therapeutic significance. The flora of the autonomous republic is rich in nectary plants. Most of 400 species of honey plants in Azerbaijan grow in the autonomous republic. The geographical climate of Nakhchivan also causes honey plants to flourish at different times. All of this opens up opportunities for the development of beekeeping. As a result, the number of bee families in the autonomous republic increased and reached 71,000.

Beekeeper Fikrat Mammadov, from the Gunnut village, said he was longing for Gunnut village for a long time. The liberation of our village from the occupation caused great joy for the residents. Today we are engaged in farming in Gunnut village and we have bee families. After that, we will use the natural resources of our village.

The beekeepers Maharram Eyvazov, Asad Hajiyev, Etibar Mammadov, Abdulla Sadigov, Baba Babayev, Azer Shahverdiyev, Yashar Habibov and Tahira Zamanova expressed their gratitude to the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis for the conditions created for the development of beekeeping.

Today special attention is paid to preservation of ancient beekeeping traditions in the autonomous republic. Application of Nakhchivan practice in the development of beekeeping is in focus. Ilgar Huseynov, a resident of the Gulustan village of Julfa region, uses extensive methods for bee families.

Beekeeper Ilgar Huseynov expressed his gratitude to the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis and said that all conditions for the development of his farm were created. There are all conditions for moving bee families, especially for having bee families in mountainous and border villages. Our lands are well protected. We take these opportunities to produce quality products. This year, I have presented 55 kilograms of honey from my farm to the military unit. This solidarity, unity and care encourage us.

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis thanked the beekeepers and emphasized the importance of using Nakhchivan practice in the development of beekeeping, gave further instructions on conducting awareness raising activities, further supporting the development of beekeeping in the autonomous republic, paying subsidies for the expansion of beekeeping farms and expanding use of bee products in medicine.

The festival will last till October 21st. The competition will be held among beekeepers in the nomination "The best beekeeping products-honey".

The Song and Dance Ensemble of Nakhchivan State Philharmonic presented a colorful concert program.

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Press Service of the Supreme Majlis

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