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In Nakhchivan there are great opportunities to develop different types of tourism

A group of employees from "Nakhchivan" University agreed to cooperate with the Kazakhstan Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmad Yasavi at the Eurasian University Association Summit and signed an agreement on this. Student-teacher exchange has been started according to the contract. Within the framework of cooperation, recently the teacher of the Ahmed Yasavi University of Kazakhstan, PhD in tourism, associate professor Aktolkin Abubekirova came to Nakhchivan University to study tourism for a month.

We talked with our guest. Kazakh guest shared her impressions with us that the autonomous republic has a rapid development in all spheres of life, especially in science and education. Comprehensive facilities have been created in the modern buildings, library, gymnasium, the dormitory for the convenience of the students, as well as the social service center in "Nakhchivan" University. I'm proud of being in such a magnificent university. This university is at the level of the most modern and influential educational institutions in the world. The authority of each higher education institution is, of course, its hardworking teachers, and students who are looking to future optimitically. There are such teachers and students here as well.

Aktolkin Abubekirova said she had the opportunity to teach student the secrets of tourism and also to visit Nakhchivan, to get acquainted with historical monuments and museums here. She said that she heard a lot about the beauty of Nakhchivan, an integral part of Azerbaijan, but she did not think it was so. The beautiful buildings, roads, and the order at every corner admired her. This beauty of the city of Nakhchivan offers every guest a pleasant mood and a great atmosphere. Undoubtedly, all this was happened thanks to the attention and care to the autonomous republic. People living in Nakhchivan are also very hospitable. During the conversation with them, I felt that Nakhchivan residents wholeheartedly supported the large-scale construction measures undertaken in the autonomous republic and they were active in these events.

She said that she had been to many big cities. If I compare these cities with Nakhchivan, I can say that antiquity and modernity is harmonious here. As I have heard, Nakhchivan's climate is tough, summer is very hot. However, every side is full of flowers. I went to Duzdag Physiotherapy Center. Construction of such a modern hospital under the ground, as well as the conditions for the treatment of bronchial asthma patients, tells about the love of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic for his motherland.

Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary also made great impressions on the guest. "In my opinion, the labor of the people who made such beauty in the mountains far a bit from Nakhchivan, those who care for religious beliefs, are worthy of the greatest praise. The work done is an indicator of respect for moral values ​​as well as the preservation of national and spiritual values".

Our Kazakh guest visited the Heydar Aliyev Museum and the Carpet Museum. She underlined her great interest to life and political activity of the prominent statesman of the Azerbaijani people, an example to world leaders, as well as our ancient and rich history, national and spiritual values. And she shared her views on rich tourism potential of the autonomous republic as a tourism specialist: "During my short visit, I witnessed the city is a land of magnificent nature with rich historical monuments. Nakhchivan has great opportunities to develop the most diverse types of tourism, significant work has been done. I think that our cooperation between our universities in the field of specialist training will contribute to the development of this sphere".

My interlocutor also tasted delicious meals from Nakhchivan cuisine: "Geographical conditions, religious, social and ethnic belonging are the factors that contribute to nutrition. The dishes of Nakhchivan cuisine differ from the Kazakh cuisine due to its taste and order of preparation. I've heard a lot about your national cuisine. When I'm here, I eat Nakhchivan's noodle soup, meatballs, cheese, hot tandir lavash, and so on. The famous meatballs of Nakhchivan cuisine prepared on the special flat stone was actually as tasty as they told. There is still much to enjoy your delicious meals".

Our guest said at the end of our conversation: "Everyone I know here has a feeling of patriotism, loyalty and hard work. In my opinion, this is the basis of your successes. I wish that this beautiful land flourish day by day, and its guests enjoy new achievements in its culture, education and science.


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Date: 28-10-2020
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