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The students got acquainted with Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center

On November 12, Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center hosted the initial conference of internship of students studying at Tourism and Hotel Management specialty of Nakhchivan State University at Tourism Department of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Opening the conference, Piri Naghiyev, senior adviser of the Development and promotion of tourism sector of Tourism Department of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, said that the successful socio-economic reforms carried out in the autonomous republic have turned tourism into a developing sector thanks to the attention and care of the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In the autonomous republic historical and cultural monuments have been restored, new hotels and leisure centers have been built, recreation, trade, healthcare facilities have been built in even the most remote settlements, and roads have been renewed.

It was noted that to provide the implementation of modern governance in the field of tourism, Tourism Department and Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center have been established. In the autonomous republic, the provision of the tourism sector with high professional and specialized staff was also kept in focus. Thus, Nakhchivan State University and "Nakhchivan" University train highly qualified specialists on Tourism and Hotel Management specialty.

 Flora Karimova, head of the Municipality and Tourism chair at Nakhchivan State University, noted that tourism in the autonomous republic has a great potential for the development of rural tourism, ecotourism, visitation, mountain climbing, medical and other types of tourism. Fertile soil, pure water, fresh air, rich herbal plants open wide opportunities for the development of ecological tourism in Nakhchivan. Today in the autonomous republic there are 21 hotels and hotel-type enterprises and tourism routes covering all regions of the autonomous republic. Building a modern infrastructure that covers all parts of the autonomous republic and raising service is also a factor in the development of tourism.

Director of Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center Gulnara Sadigova gave detailed information to the students about the internship. She noted that during the internship, the students will be closely acquainted with tourism facilities of Nakhchivan and get detailed information about tour operators.

Then the students got acquainted with the activity of Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center. It was noted that effective utilization of internet resources plays an important role in development of tourism. The launch of the Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center has provided systematic work in this direction. It was noted that besides organizing routes to the tourism destinations, it carries out propaganda work over the web site and social networks.


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Date: 28-10-2020
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