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"Family Farm Products" festival held in Nakhchivan

"Family Farm Products" festival was held on November 10 at the Historical-Architectural Museum Complex "Nakhchivangala".

The announcers of the event informed about the development of family farms in Nakhchivan and the work done in this area.

Head of department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Adalat Huseynov, said that in the autonomous republic, consistent measures are being taken in the course of development of family farms. As a result of the created conditions, the number of family farms is increasing and the family business is expanding. This opens up additional opportunities for the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurships. Adalat Huseynov expressed gratitude to the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic for the care and attention to the development of family farms.

Chairman of the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov attended the festival.

It was reported that there was more than 23,000 products of 418 species produced by 319 family farms from all regions of the autonomous republic at the festival. The participants of the festival are presented Nakhchivan products, such as Nehram cheese and yogurt, Ordubad's alana, fruit sausage with nut filling, nuts, Sharur's meat and fish products, vodka made of fruit, Sadarak bread, Shahbuz cream and sour cream, Qıvraq almond, Nakhchivan govurma, jam and sweets, as well as lavasha, pickle, fruit juice.

Packaging of all the products at the festival further increases the demand for them. There are now 15 types of package production in the newly established production areas of the "Khalaoglu" family farming in Nehram village. Additionally, it receives orders from the farms and manufactures, and produces the products in accordance with the requirements.

This year, the festival featured various hand-made household items. Decorative applied art samples by Sirus Novruzov, resident of Sharur region, especially animal and bird figures, wooden and knitting samples, tandir and various figures made of salt.

At the festival, our national cuisine examples - bread baking, preparing churn butter, cereals and dash kufte (meatballs prepared on a special flat stone) were clearly demonstrated.

Medicinal herbs from Gunnut, Havush, Kechili, Kuku, Boyahmad, Tivi and other villages of Nakhchivan, such as thyme, cephalaria, mint, immortelle, herba sideritis, liquorice, as well as wild berries - hawthorn, rosa canina and various products made from them, was packed  and brought to the festival. Historically, fruit drying in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has developed extensively. At present, this tradition are preserved in the autonomous republic, and the ancient experience gained in the field of fruit drying is applied. Widely used dried fruit such as cherry, goyja, apricot, mulberry and others in Nakhchivan cuisine were packed and demonstrate.

In Nakhchivan, the family-based farms have been created over the millenniums and have advanced to the present level of development. The sayings and proverbs about the land also show how important this field is in the life of our people. Today in the autonomous republic family farms are mostly engaged in cattle-breeding, poultry farming, beekeeping, gardening and agriculture. Providing entrepreneurs with loans on favorable terms, agricultural equipment and technological equipment, beekeeping equipments, provision of subsidies, free provision of beekeeping farms with various medicines, creation of favorable conditions for sale of produced products and festivals held in autonomous republic provides a comprehensive conditions for the development of family farms. As a result, there are currently more than 800 small and large family farms in the autonomous republic.

The Chairman of the Supreme Majlis talked with farmers and bought some products they produced.

Resident of Nakhchivan Sevda Jabbarova, residents of Sharur region, Namig Musayev producing medicinal herbs, Mugabil Zamanov producing natural vodka, Nehram village resident, different types of bakmaz, cheese and pickle producer Tofig Abutalibov, resident of Chalkhangala village almond seller Shahzada Ismayilov, resident of Kirna village Chichak Bayramova producing apple and grape vinegar, govut, noodles, and various jams, expressed their gratitude for the both attention and care and the conditions created for the development of family farming,

A resident of Alahi village of Ordubad region, exemplary family farmer Yashar Habibov has demonstrated 33 products in the festival. In particular, vodka and bakmaz made of mulberries, various pickles, Ordubad jams, medical vodka made from herbs are distinguished with their high quality.

Yashar Habibov expressed gratitude and said: There are all opportunities for people to live comfortably in the autonomous republic. The development of family farming, support for this field, once again confirms this. We have flourishing villages and comfortable roads. We can sell our products without any difficulties, and we participate in festivals. Packaging of our products has increased the demand for them. It encourages us, we produce more products.

Hajigabul resident Yagub Teymurbayli who came to Nakhchivan to see his grandson in the military service, thanked the Chairman of the Supreme Majlis on behalf of his family members and said: The great progress of Nakhchivan the land of our great leader makes me very proud. My grandson is in military service in the autonomous republic. All conditions have been created in Nakhchivan for the people's lives, as well as for our children's military service. The stability, prosperity and progress in Nakhchivan are great examples of patriotism.

The festival will last until November 11. The competition will be held among the participants in the nomination "The best product".

The collective of Nakhchivan State Philharmonic performed a concert program.


Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Press Service of the Supreme Majlis

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