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An article on Hachadag posted on the “CNN Arabic” website

On November 28 of this year, the official website of “CNN Arabic” TV channel, one of the world's leading media outlets, posted an article titled "Ilanli Mountain that its peak is divided into two parts in Azerbaijan and the cause of calling it Hachadag ".

This website is watched by millions of people in Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and it has recently published a series of articles about our country's rich history, culture, traditions, cuisine and tourism potential. The article about Hachadag, which is considered the symbol of Nakhchivan, caused interest of millions of viewers on the “Twitter” social network of the media outlet.

 In this article accompanied by photographs, Hachadag was presented as one of the main symbols of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the mysterious place; the legends about this mountain were added. The main strength of the mountain is that it protects people from bad people and evil forces. It was pointed out that during the Great Flood, Noah's ark hit this mountain and its peak was divided into two parts. After that, this nature monument was named Hachadag. Noah's ark rested at the foot of a higher mountain at a distance of 100 kilometres from Hachadag. All this increases the sacredness and historical significance of Hachadag.

At the end of the article, the writer recommends readers to visit the fortress Alinja, climbing up more than two thousand stairs to the top, to watch the beauty and landscape of Hachadag.


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Date: 09-08-2020
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