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Azerbaijan enables tourists to

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An article about Nakhchivan published in the Great Britain's Wanderlust magazine

An article titled "Rediscover a forgotten exclave" on Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was published on January issue of Wanderlust magazine on page 69, published in London on the initiative of British citizen Alan Amos.

The article states that there are some corners of the world that travellers just don’t see, where territorial horse-trading and the ambitions of larger nations have left them cut adrift. The Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan is one such destination, passed down from Ottoman to British to Soviet hands until it broke free of its Communist yoke in the 1990s. Regent Holidays’ Nakhchivan trip turns its gaze on this mountainous region with a powerful history, visiting the reputed site of ‘Noah’s tomb’, sanatoriums built into old salt mines and medieval monuments. Head out to Batabat to reveal alpine meadows, floating islands and the pilgrim caves of Ashabi Kahf where the "seven sleepers" of the Qur’an were said to have hidden. But the real lure here is simply setting foot where few other travellers tread.

Wanderlust, the world's most popular travel and adventure magazine, published in Great Britain was created in 1993. The magazine, which has won various international awards, has millions of readers from different countries of the world.

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Date: 17-01-2021
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