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Concert-lecture dedicated to the creativity of a well-known composer

A concert-lecture dedicated to the creativity of a prominent composer of Azerbaijan, Haji Khanmemmedov was held in the “Youth” Center of Nakhchivan city.

The presenter of event noted that during the period of creativity of more than 60 years, Haji Khanmemmedov composed many beautiful works in several genres. He entered our music history as a composer who composed a “Concert” for orchestra and kamancha. Prominent composer also composed unforgettable melodies to several musical comedies. Haji Khanmemmedov was also known as an author of beautiful songs. “Yasa, konul” (Live, my heart), “Arzuya bax, sevgilim” (Look to the wish, my love), “Gullu”, “Jeyran”, “Getme, amandir” (Do not go, please) songs are in the list of his most famous songs.

Then, a concert consisting of composer’s works was given. The songs named “Gurban oldughum”, “Yadima dushdu” (Remebered), “Aldatmayag bir-birimizi” (Let’s not to lie to each other), “Gozune gurban” (Victim to your eye), “yene o bag olaydi” (Wish that garden was again) were sung by various singers. The concert ended with composer’s “Concert” for orchestra and kamancha.

The concert was well received by music lovers.

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Date: 09-07-2020
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