The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

Azerbaijan enables tourists to

come to our country.

Heydar Aliyev





Seminar-training for museum guides

Seminar-training for museum guides was held in “Alinjagala” Historical-Cultural Museum. 

Branch Manager of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Culture and Tourism Ministry, Hasan Karimov talked about “Museum guides’ rules of conduct”. It was noted that the main purpose of these seminar-training is to remove shortcomings and deficiencies about organizing excursions and to raise practical and theoretical level of museum guides. It was also emphasized that providing museums with the guides who are intelligent and know foreign languages.

Guides meet the people coming to museum and inform them about it. Museum guides have to answer the given questions and follow the ethic rules. They also have to know how to work with people at different levels, with pupils and students, and older generation. Museum guide has to be polite and attentive to each comer and answer their question on scientific grounds.

Finally, the exposition of museum was discussed. Methodic advice about the rules of conduct was given to the guides. 

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Date: 05-07-2020
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