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Seminar participants shared their impressions about Nakhchivan

Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Azerbaijan Kestutis Yankauskas visited Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Kestutis Yankauskas noted that he had held high level meetings in the frame of the visit. The aim of the visit is to participate at “Vocational and Training Seminar”. At this seminar, the European and Nakhchivan specialists will exchange scientific and expertise on the subject and discuss future prospects of cooperation.

"The visit also aims to prepare for the European Days in Nakhchivan which will be held in September. Within this framework, representatives of embassies of 20 EU member states will arrive in Nakhchivan",- Kestutis Yankauskas said. He added that these events will be dedicated to youth, education and business. The development of these fields between Nakhchivan and the European Union will be discussed jointly.

As you know, the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic is celebrated this year. Nakhchivan is the Youth Capital of Azerbaijan and Capital of Islamic Culture for 2018 as well. We see that young people participate in these events actively. We also want to pay more attention to intellectual development and creative activity of Azerbaijani youth together with the Government of Azerbaijan.

The head of EU Delegation to the Republic of Azerbaijan said: “This is my second visit to Nakhchivan. During this period I witnessed the rapid development of the autonomous republic once more. The electronic equipments and arranged virtual teaching environments at Nakhchivan State University made great impression on me. Of course, this is an opportunity to take advantage of technology and make innovations. I think we can further increase cooperation within the Erasmus + program”.

The main task in the implementation of the project "European Union support to the development of vocational education and training in Azerbaijan", which started in late January 2017, is to serve the economic development through establishment of qualified labor force in Azerbaijan.

The project manager Herman Sonneveld said these.

He stated that one of our main goals is to form skills and abilities in that field of vocation. All these activities should be based on legislative vocational training tools and skilled labor force. The focus should be on business-based learning. Not only schools, but also employers, should do their best. In the fall of this year, we want to test a new, financially based system as pilot. We will do this with the new labor market curriculum. In these curriculums, not only the activity of learners, but also the role of teachers and specialists will play a very important role. To achieve our goals, we will also train school administrators and teachers to form independent learning principles in schools.

Herman Sonneveld said: "In our opinion, financing in this area should be carried out not only by the state, but also by the self-help activities of the schools themselves, and employers should invest in this. As a logical continuation of this, the whole community will see positive results of vocation and vocational training. People should understand the importance of the new legislation. This will ultimately contribute to the development of the labor market and the economy. We are closely cooperating with the State Agency for Vocation in this regard".

Head of Operations Department of the European Training Foundation Anastasia Fetsi:

- Getting acquainted with Nakhchivan City Vocational High School made a good impression on us. We witnessed the creation of a high-level infrastructure here. All conditions created for the students of the school to gain theoretical and practical knowledge have been created.

We saw high school classrooms and workshops fully equipped with the necessary equipments. The carpet-weaving course was the focus of my attention. Because preserving this ancient art is, in my opinion, very good and means that the ancient traditions and arts created in Nakhchivan are respected.

I would like to emphasize that in the autonomous republic great attention is paid to meeting the international standards of vocation. Developing this area is one of the global trends in the world. The reality is that there is a need for further development of vocation everywhere. This issue has been solved in Nakhchivan.

I am very pleased to be here, and I express my gratitude for the hospitality.

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Date: 31-07-2021
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