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The collaborator of website Ali Kurt: “Nakhchivan is a land which bestows comfort”

The collaborator of website Ali Kurt paid a visit to the autonomous republic. When he returned his country he wrote an article about Nakhchivan. The article entitled “24 hours in Nakhchivan” was installed on website. In the article the author expressed his satisfaction with his visit and what he witnessed in Nakhchivan. We present the article.

24 hours in Nakhchivan

Some weeks ago I had a chance to visit Nakhchivan for two days. After 9 hours’ driving we reached Diluju border crossing of Turkey and then Sadarak border checkpoint of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Although Sadarak checkpoint was very crowded, the kind attitude and hospitality of the representatives of relevant structures of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic towards us did not avoid my attention. All the work done that needed to be entered the autonomous republic after a quick border check, the first warning of the customs officials was “Obey the traffic rules”.  Bearing in mind this warning we continued our way.

Nakhchivan is an autonomous republic within Azerbaijan. After breakfast we went for a walk in this beautiful land, following the traffic rules of course. There are zebra crossings in all streets and avenues of Nakhchivan city. When a pedestrian steps the pedestrian crossing in the highway, all cars stop to let him cross the way. All avenues of the city are large. The traces of ancient and modern architecture are vividly seen in buildings. In a word, Nakhchivan is a land which bestows comfort.


Michael Kindsgrab: “The order in Nakhchivan city, hospitality of people made good impressions on me”

Speaking about his visit to Nakhchivan, he said: “I am very glad that I was able to come to Nakhchivan as soon as I started my activity as Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Azerbaijan. The purpose of my visit to the autonomous republic was to   expand economic, educational and cultural relations between Germany and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan. We discussed these issues during my high-level meetings in Nakhchivan”.

Speaking about future prospects of economic relations between Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany Michael Kindsgrab said: “"I hope our economic relations will expand more. For this purpose, meetings will be held between the German-Azerbaijani Foreign Trade Chamber in Baku and the Permanent Mission of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in Baku and the prospects for expanding economic ties will be discussed”.


Representatives of local and foreign tourism companies: We are interested in developing tourism relations with Nakhchivan

Entrepreneurs and people who engaged in tourism visiting Nakhchivan within the framework of the info-tour are of this opinion

Elham Rasulirad - representative of “Radseir” Tourism Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran: “This is my first visit to Nakhchivan. To be honest, I did not know so much about this place, but just heard about it from the people visited Nakhchivan. Thanks to those who organized this info tour, I came to Nakhchivan and got acquainted with the existing tourism potential here. My overall impression is that Nakhchivan is a favorite place for tourists because of its fresh air, beautiful climate, beautiful landscapes and hospitality. We visited tourism facilities located   in mountainous areas of Nakhchivan, and watched the surrounding area. In a word, I can say that everything here has been done greatly. At the same time, the warmth and hospitality of the Nakhchivan people increase the interest. Therefore, we intend to continue our cooperation in organizing travel tours to Nakhchivan in the future.”


The rich nature, magnificent historical monuments of Nakhchivan mesmerized the entrepreneurs and the people who engaged in tourism

Ruslan Guliyev - Chairman of the Association for Support of Health and Thermal Tourism:

“The main goal of our body as it is seem in its name, embodies the support to health and thermal tourism in our country. Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center is one of the distinguished places for its importance in Nakhchivan’s tourism potential. Every year many people from different countries of the world who suffer from bronchial asthma visit this center. The established infrastructure allows to increase the number of tourists coming Nakhchivan for this purpose. I must note that starting from this year we will work in the direction of promoting this center in Baltic countries. Additionally, the comprehensive development of Nakhchivan, the reconstruction and renovation works implemented here make possibility to increase the flow of tourists in the autonomous republic. I hope that we will witness this process in the future”.


Participants of the tour-action: “Marvelous historical monuments, development, renovation, cleanness of Nakhchivan amazed all of us”

In the frame of tour-action “Let’s discover our country”, the students visiting Nakhchivan left the autonomous republic with great impression.

Khayal Hajiyev, student of secondary school No. 278 Surakhani region, Baku:

My information about Nakhchivan was only by books and mass media. I knew that Nakhchivan is an ancient land with rich history. As it is said in proverb one time to see is better than to hear hundred times about. Information that I got about this land during four days was more better and useful than I have ever heard about Nakhchivan before. Nakhchivan is really a holy land. The development, renovation and cleanness of Nakhchivan left a great impression on us. During tour-action we have visited the secondary schools in regions of the autonomous republic. The conditions and equipments of these schools amazed us as well. These schools can be compared with the modern and high supplied school of the capital.

I knew that it is already 26 years Nakhchivan is in the blockade.   Establishing such beautiful conditions for children in a blockaded land impressed us very much. Highways and roads in the autonomous republic are perfect. We faced no problem with transport. I would say that the greatest of chance of Nakhchivan population is that there is no traffic jam on the roads.


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Date: 20-10-2020
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