The nature of Azerbaijan and all

other infrastructure existed in

Azerbaijan enables tourists to

come to our country.

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Impressions of the schoolchildren about Nakhchivan coming from Baku in the frame of tour-campaign “Let’s discover our country”

Aytan Kalashova, student of IX grade of secondary school No.67 of Sabunchu region: - It is already two days that I and my schoolmates are in the magnificent land of our country. We got acquainted with sightseeing places, cultural and educational facilities of Nakhchivan city, Ordubad and Julfa regions, we saw the historical and cultural monuments. After coming here, I became a witness to the fact that Nakhchivan really is a land of beauty. I also saw that people who are welcoming us here are friendly, hospitable and sincere. It made me and my friends very happy. I express my gratitude for the created opportunities.




Nakhchivan made a good impression on participants of tour "Let’s discover our country"

Fidan Ibrahimova, 11th grade pupil of the Lyceum named after academician Zarifa Aliyeva in Yasamal district:

- The mausoleum of Momuna Khatun, the Khan's palace, mysterious nature and beauty of Ordubad and Shahbuz fascinated me. We have been closely acquainted with Nakhchivan's miraculous nature, ancient history, developing regions and Nakhchivan city, Youth Capital of our country this year. The capital of the autonomous republic is indeed a very beautiful, clean and glamorous city.




Nakhchivan has made good impressions on Chinese tourists

The purposeful measures taken in the direction of tourism development in the autonomous republic yield their fruit. The created infrastructure condition, to increase the quality of the service provided for tourists affected to the number of tourists coming to Nakhchivan in a short time. The good impressions of a group of Chinese tourists  prove it.

Jou Lee, one of the tourists said that it is his first visit to Nakhchivan. He is an engineer by profession. Before, he had been in the capital city Baku in connection with his job but he has not have any information about this land. He is very pleased to spend his vacation with his seven friends in Nakhchivan this time. Highlighting the high level of all hospitality services which started from the airport, the Chinese guest noted that the national dishes prepared here are very tasty.  He also said that he would share his impressions of the Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary and museums in Nakhchivan via social networks.






Anatoli Maxin: "The population of Nakhchivan showed brilliant heroism in Sadarak"

Anatoli Maxin: “Naxçıvan əhalisi Sədərəkdə paralaq qəhrəmanlıq nümunəsi göstərdilər”Russian citizen Anatoli Maxin is a veteran sportsman and deputy of Voskresensk city.

Our guest, who was in Nakhchivan during the difficult time in the 90s of the last century, noting that those days engraved in his memory, feels debted to visit Nakhchivan as a simple tourist.

Anatoli Maxin, who served here as a member of the Soviet army, said that Nakhchivani people made the supreme sacrifice and didn’t let the enemy advance and he appraised these as a brilliant heroic example.

So Anatoli Maxin remembers Nakhchivan on those days:


Oleg Kuznetsov: Nakhchivan is the safest region of the Southern Caucasus

Recently, Russian historian, prominent scholar on the Caucasus study Oleg Kuznetsov visited Nakhchivan. The scientist, who has interesting scientific researches, is one of the historians who convey the realities of Azerbaijan to the world. We present the interview with him:

Oleg Yuryevich, it is very pleasant to see you again. It would be interesting to know the aim of your visit this time. 

- Thank you. The purpose of my visit is individual this time. As you see, I have come to Duzdagh for treatment. My close friends advised me this center. I am very satisfied with the created conditions and service here. I feel the good results of the treatment day by day.  On the other hand, there are a lot of people in Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan who know me well. As a result of this we visited Nakhchivan Branch of ANAS, Nakhchivan State Television. In a word, it is very pleasant for me to be in Nakhchivan.

I know that you are interested in the history of Nakhchivan. Even we can observe it from your scientific activity. Where does your interest in this ancient land begin?


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