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The ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Latvia and Lithuania to Azerbaijan left Nakhchivan with good impressions

As we informed, on September 7-9, the ambassadors  extraordinary and plenipotentiary of  Latvia and Lithuania  to Azerbaijan were acquainted with places of interests, as well as, education, culture, health and  production institutions of autonomous republic in the frame of visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Both diplomats shared the impressions about Nakhchivan with “Sharg Qapisi” newspaper.

  The ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary of  Latvia   to Azerbaijan  Yuris Maklakovs:

- I already work in Azerbaijan as an ambassador more than one year. I have been to many regions of Azerbaijan including  capital Baku  for this term. But this is my first visit to Nakhchivan. The major purpose of our visit was to get acquainted with Nakhchivan. I can say that we  could get  rich impressions about this region. Both the ancient history  and  modern progress of  Nakhchivan enchanted me. We visited museums when we were here and we  also visited  the places where the historical monuments  existed. We saw that Nakhchivan had very rich cultural legacy. For example: We were acquainted with the carpets which is even now a part of ancient culture of  Nakhchivan. We were given detailed information about it in carpet museum. We have learnt that the tradition to weave carpets is still continued. On the other hand, we noticed the creation  suitable conditions  for business progress in Nakhchivan. We visited some production enterprises located in the city. It is preferable to establish such enterprises  being based on local raw material. We again witnessed that  rich raw material sources of Nakhchivan were taken as a main destination in the development of industry here. Simultaneously, universal development of agriculture in autonomous republic also became noticeable for us. We watched the exhibition consisting of  local industrial and agricultural products. We think about exporting  these  distinguished products of  high  quality  to  Latvian market in the future. We had a chance to talk about it  in our meeting with economy minister of  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. I hope we would succeed in  building collaboration between  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Latvia.


The rich nature, strong economy of Nakhchivan has mesmerized the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the USA to Azerbaijan

The ambassador  extraordinary and plenipotentiary   of the USA to Azerbaijan, Robert Secuta gave a specific interview to “Sharg Qapisi”  newspaper. We  introduce the same interview to our readers:

- You got acquainted with nature landscapes of  autonomous republic. How do you evaluate the development perspectives of ecotourism  in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic?

- Firstly, I would like to  note that I am very pleased with my visit to Nakhchchivan Autonomous Republic. My wife lady Ann and I appreciate the chance of getting acquainted with historical places , as well as, with the fascinating nature of Nakhchivan. Along  the way to Shahbuz State Nature Reservation   we watched around. We met very marvelous and irreplaceable nature landscapes. The area of Shahbuz State Reservation charmed us and we were sure that this place had great tourism potentiality. Preservation of  Batabat plateau  creates a substantial background in the development of tourism in the future. There are ample opportunities to develop ecotourism here. I ,especially, would like to note that acquaintance with Shahbuz State Reservation makes good impressions on people. Detailed information was given about state reservation.


Here in after I will increase my efforts to extend our collaboration more

Extraordinary and plenipotentiary  ambassador of  Korea to Azerbaijan, Kim Chanq Que  paid a visit to Nakhchivan on May 2. Speaking to the correspondent of “Sherq Qapisi” about his  aim and impressions , ambassador Kim  Chanq Que said: “The aim of my goal is to get acquainted with Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and to discuss about the discussions  of progress destinations of  collaboration relationships. Development perspectives of our relations are particularly very high in the field of culture. Our mutual collaboration possibilities are  very ample. As our people have the same cultural roots”  The ambassador  noted that  in Nakhchivan Business Centre  he got acquainted with the outputs produced in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic: “Being in Nakhchivan Business Centre  the things I saw and the information I was given made me come to such a conclusion that  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with its  products meets the local needs completely. The people of Nakhchivan live  in  luxury  and happily. This is because autonomous republic  passed through a great deal of progress. Nakhchivan city with historic city culture  also  attracted  my  attention with its modern view. Nakhchivan people’s resolution  to protect their lands from the enemy deserves to be appreciated”


Peter Tase, Journalist researcher from US: Patriotism is the main factor of contemporary development of Nakhchivan

The 7th Global Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations was organized and held by UN in Baku last week. Peter Tase, a political analyst and an   journalist  researcher from the United States, who participated at the forum visited  Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  and  got acquainted with the sightseeing, historical monuments and educational institutions. An American journalist was invited to our editorial office and shared his impressions:

- You  have been in Nakhchivan for three days. What are  your impressions?

- This is my second visit to Nakhchivan. I have visited Nakhchivan in the fall of 2014, then  as a member of the humanitarian forum.  This time thanks to God’s will, I had  received an invitation to your beautiful country for the second time  and again I came to Nakhchivan. After my first visit to Nakhchivan I have witnessed many changes.  I want to start   with the work done for passenger at the Nakhchivan International Airport.  The works done in order to increase the potential of the port service shows that Nakhchivan has the capacity to meet hundreds of guests every day. It is very important for an emerging country, because now the whole world's attention is on Nakhchivan.


I witnessed amazing progress in Nakhchivan

As we informed, the director of the office of International  Collaboration and Partnership of International  Migration Organization, lady Jill Helken  paid one day visit  to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic  on April 27. During her visit the guest who got acquainted with some places of interest and sightseeing of Nakhchivan  gave an interview to “Sherq Qapisi” newspaper about her visit impressions.

- Lady Jill Helken , it is nice to see you again in Nakhchivan.

-  Thank you very much, I am also very  pleased to be in Nakhchivan again and  to meet the acquaintances here. This is my second visit to Autonomous Republic. It was 15 years ago I had been here for the first time. At that time our collaboration newly began. In this visit, our aim was to discuss about in connection with the continuation of  our present collaboration  and to get acquainted with Nakhchivan again.

 - Perhaps, you  could get acquainted ?

- Of course, I noted that  Nakhchivan changed completely during the passing years, I saw an amazing  development here. It is hard to express this wit words. Historical monuments, museums and natural treatment centres  of Nakhchivan made  good impressions on us. We  witnessed  what  sensitive care was taken to these historical monuments  by your  government. In a word it is perfect and amazing. Besides there are  educated and sophisticated  cadres here who know their work well. While being in Nakhchivan  we met the leaders of some  official bodies, made discussions, simultaneously we took part in the seminar held  with the topic “Red mission  and human rights” All these were very interesting and useful. I think that our future plans in connection with autonomous republic  will grow  on a rising line.


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